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Comment Straight from the horse's mouth (Score 5, Insightful) 1303

Wait, but I thought corporate 'persons' are job creators, whose taxes must be cut for the benefit of jobless Americans! If these "people" aren't willing to lose a little money to create jobs in America, then I may start to consider the possibility the trickle-down conservatives *may* have been wrong, all along!

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 1239

Lumping SS & Medicare shows you haven't taken time to understand what's going on.

Social Security is insolvent, but it only needs a minor "nudge"... SS could be made solvent until something like 2070 if we simply removed the upper income limit. Can I get a flat-taxer up in here to explain why people should NOT stop paying Social Security after $106,000? Remember, even those who "pay no federal income tax" fully pay into Social Security and Medicare and at higher rates than millionaires.

Medicare, on the other hand, is, along with the Bush tax cuts, the source of nearly ALL of our future budget deficits. Health care is a problem we can solve, though; we just have to put aside the dogma and negotiate. Health care, public or private, is not a budget-buster for ANY other industrialized nation, and we're supposedly the most awesomest one. All we need is some leadership.

Finally, don't forget a large /reason/ for the entitlement programs getting out of control, is the US's shifting demographic. Millions of voters who paid into the system their whole lives will make sure your cries to "cut Social Security" will never fly. And everybody needs to eat.

The real problem, here, is that our political system has two sides, one of which shuns evidence-based reason as heresy. Maybe you can guess the outcome... S&P has, already.

Comment Re:Visibility (Score 1) 207

Larger government may be better able to contain corporations, but the end result of that is that the citizen is raped by federal power.

You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. What exactly is a free society to do?

I can't speak for everyone, but the giant bureaucratic power I'd rather have running my life is the one which apportions its representation per-citizen, instead of per-dollar.

Comment Re:I couldn't agree with Obama more.... (Score 1) 1042

I don't agree with your statement Obama's priorities have changed. Was I dreaming when he was on TV 2 days ago, saying we need to cut the deficit? What's under debate is HOW.

One side thinks we should raise taxes for a group of people who pay LESS THAN HALF in taxes what they paid 30 years ago (which partially explains how we got to this state in the first place). The other side thinks that we should continue cutting taxes for the rich... i mean, "job creators".

Of particular interest to me is the part of your quote where Obama talks about how interest payments take away money that can be better spent elsewhere. So, what's the primary devastating effect of this GOP-led hostage situation? A rise in interest rates.

-- Yeah, that'll fix it.

Comment Re:What a lame racist (Score 1) 395

So this guy can can call Obama a "racist slur" in a public message board because of his first amendment rights, yet the press refuses to exercise their same right to quote it?

Free speech is a double-edged blade. You can say whatever you like, but your rights do not immunize you from consequences. The press should quote this guy, word for word, but they don't because they're beholden to the sensitivities of puritan morons (or sponsors) who don't understand the distinction between an opinion and a quote.

This guy should have an opportunity -- by printing his literal, un-whitewashed words -- to stand by his convictions. Free speech hurts sometimes, and people need to realize there are consequences. The loss of individual free speech doesn't seem to be the issue, here; it's the /press/ that has me concerned.

"Racist slur?"
[Annoyed Grunt]

Comment Re:what about clerical errors? (Score 1) 2058

I wonder how long it will be until we hear they let someone's house burn down due to a clerical error

Indeed. Imagine how much less expensive, less error-prone and faster the response would be if fire departments didn't have to pre-verify the currency of a homeowner's fire insurance policy, and could just indiscriminately rush to the scene and extinguish the fire?

This is just pie-in-the-sky thinking, but what if those poor homeowners organized into some local body deigned with special powers to mandate individuals to pay, up front, their equal share of fire protection services? Now I I'm just spitballing here, but we could call such a fictitious organization a Noobamian Sociofascislamic Biggubmint.


Microsoft Tips the Scale In Favor of HTML 5 325

aabelro writes "Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for Internet Explorer at Microsoft, has announced that IE9 will use only the H.264 standard to play HTML 5 video. Microsoft seems to have become very committed to HTML 5, while Flash loses even more ground. The announcement came the same day Steve Jobs detailed why Apple does not accept Flash on iPhone and iPad."

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