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Comment Re:Maybe it is from (Score 4, Insightful) 331

Absolutely. 'Vocal fry' is a lazy/relaxed way of using the vocal cords. When you have a hang-over or smoked a ton of weed the night before, you'll almost always talk that way in the morning. I'm a singer and in all my training I've heard vocal fry is actually good for you to relax the vocal cords. TFA's statement that"Chances of vocal damage are very minimal" implies that there is a chance when there is none at all.

Comment Give the cancer some credit. (Score 1) 1613

People don't give enough credit to the cancer. I honestly believe jobs was only able to do the impressive work he did because he knew he was dying. Had it not been for that drive, apple would be nearly as popular as it is today. During his 8 year swan song, he managed to lead apple's skyrocket from garbage to the #1 valued company in the world. At the time of his death, it was #1. Not just the #1 tech company, but the highest valued of all companies in the whole world, period. That's an accomplishment I think anyone would be proud departing this life after. Even if the cancer was a slow and painful killer... what a way to go out with a bang. He wasn't just an american icon, he became a global icon. Despite apples numerous design and marketing accomplishments, I still think apple's fanbase was in large part a cult of personality focused on steve. With his passing, regardless of the competence of his successor, it just won't be the same. I am not an apple fan by any means. I do own an ipad2 and I recognize and may even respect steve's accomplishments. I am glad to see him go because now there is hope that the 'apple' era may finally end and we all might get to see something new and different in the industry, if any other company has the balls to step up. It does sadden me that steve's apple was the only company I could foresee bringing *wearable* computing to the mainstream. If he had lived another 10 years, it may have happened. Now it might still happen, but it will take longer and isn't nearly as likely to become 'cool'.

Comment Re:Now if only they could measure user experience. (Score 1) 272

You can disable add-on compatibility checking in the about:config settings or by installing the "add-on compatibility reporter" extension ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/ ). More than half of my extensions (7 of them) are listed as "incompatible" FF8beta but are working perfectly fine.

Comment Not just for the rich... (Score 1) 279

The last quote in there is still just as accurate today: "You know they’ve got their desktop, they got a portable, and now they got one of these to read with, that’s your market." The purpose of a tablet hasn't changed at all, the market is what changed to make it possible. Prices of desktops and laptops went down and they became ubiquitous. Everything just became cheap enough so that everyone could afford to splurge on a 2ndary or tertiary device. The majority of tablets are bought as 2ndary devices to complement larger computers/laptops. I have yet to meet anyone who does significant volumes of work on a tablet, and the ones that come close always have a real keyboard attached to their tablets.

Comment Is it sexy yet? (Score 2) 375

I recall reading that the MetroUI itself was an html5 app. If that's the case I'm sure this version will be much better for customization than previous ones. Hacking the metroUI interface or replacing it with a different html5 app will be far easier than replacing the explorer.exe shell has been in the past. I'm sure it won't take too long before the mod community comes out with a replacement desktop UI that's actually slick and functional.

Comment Here's a plan... (Score 1) 135

1) Buy HP's WebOS division since they seem keen on dumping it.
2) integrate the good parts of WebOS and Android.
3) put it on hardware that doesn't suck a fat one.
4) compete with apple like you actually mean it.

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