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Comment Re:Well that's not true (Score 1) 407

"but can't be easily sold or repurposed"

Bullshit! You know what you have to do to turn it into an airsoft and paintball facility? Put up a sign and a cash register.

Bureaucrats are not entrepreneurial. They have less creativity and drive than an eight year old running a lemonade stand. Don't get your hopes up.

Comment Re:He's not coming back to the US anytime soon (Score 1) 822

". . . Half of Earthforce wants to give you a kiss on the cheek and the medal of honor. The other half wants you taken out and shot. As a politician, you learn how to compromise...which by all rights means I should give you the medal of honor then have you shot."

                – Acting President Susanna Luchenko to Captain John Sheridan, 2261.

Comment Re:Two reasons I don't care about this (Score 1) 203

Don't worry, I'm sure our wonderfully competent amnd benevolent federal government will step in and take over everything and make it better. Because poor quality is always to be blamed on the free market, not past interference by our wise and saintly government. Or at least that's what I was conditioned to believe in school. (A government service.)

Or maybe... -- The Death of Healthcare, Part 1

Comment Re:Just the Start? (Score 0) 308

Child abuse is not universally against the law. Only a small subset of child abuse types are.

It's still legal to:
  - yell at your children
  - spank your children
  - force them go to child prison (aka "school") for 12 years of formative torture
  - and don't even get me started on organized religion...

When is google going to ban images of circumcision? Oh, right, they're using a popular-in-this-era-and-politically-acceptable definition of child abuse, rather than a consistent, rationally-derived one.

Comment Re:tough love (Score 4, Insightful) 330

Truman was trying to end the war between Japan and the U.S. before it could become a long, drawn out ground war costing millions more lives. AFAIK, the U.S. only had enough material for the 2 bombs (after testing), which of course was not made public. Japan did not immediately surrender after the first A-Bomb attack, and that's when the 2nd bomb was used, and only then did Japan surrender. Thank God that Japan did not know that Truman was bluffing his poker hand, or the war could have gone on far longer.

Oh yes, please continue to to repeat that mass-murder-justifying state propaganda. It does wonders for our society's ability to think clearly about moral issues.

Comment Re:I'm the only one smelling BS here? (Score 0) 330

Enough with the euphemisms. Taxation is merely what the state calls theft when it's the one doing it.

So what you're really saying is "the state is stealing more from me than this other guy; that's not fair; they should steal more from the other guy". Which is fucking nuts.

What you should be saying is "the state is stealing more from me than this other guy; that's not fair; they should steal less from me".

Comment Re:Hoarders (Score 1) 249

It's time for mandatory licensing of older works.


You want to fix problems caused by government laws (the use of force against people who pattern their bits a certain way) by more government laws (more force, this time against people pretending they can own a pattern of bits)?

Why not just get rid of the original stupid law?

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