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Comment Re:mass in motion (Score 2) 262

It doesn't have to be at all heavy, the article mentions 6 kg. Remember that kinetic energy is proportional to the square of the velocity, so doubling rotational speed lets you cut weight by three quarters. Also, gyroscopic forces won't be a problem, you just mount the wheel horizontally.

Containing the stored energy in case of an accident likely requires some engineering thought, however. I suppose you would design the system so that it brakes the flywheel if it gets busted, converting the energy into heat just like normal braking.

Comment Re:just like my Core i3, then (Score 4, Informative) 240

The technical difference is that while your Core i3 has its GPU as a separate die in the same packaging, AMD Fusion has the GPU(s) on the same die as the CPU(s). The Intel approach makes for shorter and faster interconnects, the AMD approach completely removes the interconnects. The main advantage is probably (as is alluded to in the summary) related to power consumption.

Comment Re:Par for the course.. (Score 2, Informative) 386

The trick isn't using /dev/zero, the trick is using the seek parameter. The dd command skips nearly 8 GiB into a newly created file and writes something there. This creates a file that is 8 GiB large, but with no data (not zero, just nothing at all) in the first 8191 MiB. Therefore, the system doesn't actually write anything there, and doesn't even allocate the storage. If you read from these blocks, you will get generated zeros. This is called a sparse file.

Comment Re:Ono (Score 1) 227

I am still running Azureus 2 on my server, and am very happy with it. It works great and has a good selection of UI and other plugins. I haven't noticed any drawbacks from the release of Vuze. On my laptop, I run Azureus 3, which was released with Vuze. Per personal preference, I don't run the Vuze layer, though. I am very happy with that version too.

Now there's a version 4 out, which supposedly boasts a lot of enhancements specifically for users of the classic GUI. Azureus is still based on an extensive plugin system, and there are lots of interfaces to choose from, Vuze being one of them.


Guitarist Hopes To Play Again With The Help of Bionic Hand 72

Dorian Cox, the 27-year-old guitarist of the indie band The Long Blondes, thought his guitar playing days were over after he suffered a stroke. He now has a glimmer of hope thanks to some neurological physiotherapy which includes a cutting-edge piece of medical technology. The SaeboFlex helps patients by supporting their wrists and helping them grasp and release objects. "It's a fantastic service, it's helping tremendously and I think it can work wonders for me and others — it's almost like a gym for my hand. I know things might never be the same again and nobody can give me a definite answer about whether I'll play guitar again but I'm getting back on track with their help," Mr. Cox said. This thing looks really cool, and I'm sure many people will benefit from it, though I can't help but wonder if they make a model that lets you shoot your fist at an enemy.

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