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Comment Re:The article has suggestive and leading lanuage. (Score 2, Insightful) 391

Anthropologists have long believed that humans evolved from ancient ape-like ancestors.

No they don't 'believe' they use reason based on radiocarbon dating of fossils and other hard scientific and rigorously tested and reviewed evidence to reach the most accurate and logical conclusion based on findings and observation.

Wow, you clearly do not know the definition of the word "belief." Here you go (From Merriam-Webster): 1: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing 2: something believed ; especially : a tenet or body of tenets held by a group 3: conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence

Notice that your little screed about evidence is completely irrelevant.

Comment Re:Word count (Score 1) 327

Does it offer the ability to have an auto-updating word count in the status bar yet?

This extension seems to do exactly that.

I've never used it, but I hope it works for you.


Submission + - Beryl and Compiz are merging (

firesquirt writes: From the Beryl-project website Beryl and Compiz (at least the plugins part of compiz) are now merging, in the hope of a better future. No name has been decided yet but there's a vote going on. The forums are currently at and everyone currently using Beryl should check it in the next days or weeks to find information about the new merged project (setup instructions, etc) when they are available.

Submission + - Alan Cox on Patent Law and GPLv3 (

tykev writes: "Linux kernel guru Alan Cox talks about kernel features, cooperation with hardware vendors, and software patents. From the interview: "I don't think [Microsoft's patent threats] are the biggest danger. As Microsoft has been finding out recently it is the patent trolls, and organisations with buried patents in interesting areas that are the biggest threat in the USA. The real answer to that problem, however, is to pull the USA back into line with the majority of the world which simply does not recognize patents on software but respects them as literary works subject to copyright law. Also therefore we have to make sure the continuing US attempts to spread bogus patent law into the EU are defeated.""

Submission + - Ways People Screw Up AJAX

foo writes: "People are aware of the good that technologies such as AJAX have added to sites such as gmail, digg, and slashdot. The negative aspects and implementations of AJAX have mostly avoided by the media and are rarely spoken. CGISecurity has published a top 5 list of problems which can be encountered by implementing AJAX improperly."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Indiana to make Solaris "better Linux than Lin

ramboando writes: "In an effort to spur adoption of Solaris, Sun Microsystems has begun a project code-named Indiana to try to give its operating system some of Linux's success. Sun has been trying for years to restore the luster of Solaris, but that since has faced a strong challenge chiefly from Linux. Sun wants to embrace some Linux elements so "we make Solaris a better Linux than Linux," said Ian Murdock, Sun's chief operating systems officer, quoting Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, whose latest start-up, Ning, uses Solaris. But it's a tricky balance to adopt elements of Linux while preserving Solaris technology and advantages such as the promise of backward compatibility. "As we make Solaris more familiar to Linux users, we don't [want to] lose what makes it more compelling and competitive.""

Submission + - Apple in big legal trouble with

knutsdood writes: First Apple sued then countersued Apple. This is the same that sued Microsoft and settled for $60 Million. Judge Patel has laid down the Markman ruling and is tremendously in favor or This case won't even go to trial. Apple, grab your checkbook. iPod owners, prepare for more expensive iTunes. Stocks_B/forumview?bn=24325 rkman_ruling.pdf

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