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Comment Re:And... it's gone (Score 1) 636

Any war with them with missiles would be concluded before you heard about it on Slashdot.

Isn't this the same attitude we had about Iraq and Afghanistan? The people of NK see us as the enemy, not as the liberator from their wicked dear leader. They'll continue to fight us until every person that can shoot a gun is killed.

Comment Re:Are people still paying attention to this guy? (Score 1) 466

Earth Hour isn't meant to actually save any energy, it's to build public awareness.

The problem with raising awareness like this is you create the mindset that to be "green" and save the earth you have to make sacrifices, such as no lights or HVAC. This simply isn't true, people could do wonders towards saving energy by installing more efficient lighting, insulating their attics and hot water pipes, and calking their windows. You don't have to remember to turn it on and off, it works when you sleep, and most important to most you don't have to change your current lifestyle or give something up.

Submission + - Punkbuster offline means games go off-line?

nefus writes: At the time of this posting, Punkbuster has been off-line for more than 15 hours. All of their A record dns entries are missing. That means the more than 300+ games like Battlefield 3 have been unplayable. Why has the industry decided to tie itself to one single company for cheat prevention thus hamstringing itself when situations like this arise?

Submission + - Minecraft Now Available On Raspberry Pi For Free (

sfcrazy writes: Raspberry Pi user have another reason to rejoice. The popular game Minecraft is now available for Raspberry Pi. It’s a free version of Minecraft that will run on the Raspberry Pi – a credit card-sized computer that can help you learn to program in an accessible, fun way. They’re cheap and relatively easy to set up. Now Pi Edition is available to download! You can get it at our dedicated blog:

Submission + - Hobbyist Builds Ultimate Arcade Machine In His Garage. (

An anonymous reader writes: A hobbyist and member of the 'Build Your Own Arcade Cabinet' web community has created the Ultimate Arcade Machine in his garage at home.

Named 'Revolution' by its designer 'GriffinDodd', the full-size arcade cabinet is a tribute to the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game franchise. Wrapped head to toe in custom artwork featuring some of the games most celebrated characters, the arcade machine features no less than three LCD screens, one of which is a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet embedded directly into the joystick control panel allowing the gamer to stream movies, watch TV or check email while taking out the bad guys in their favorite game.

Surprisingly the amount of screens isn't Revolution's most impressive feature. The arcade machine's largest screen is built on a computer-controlled rotating platform that allows the screen to physically change its dimensions to suit the game that the user decides to play. And the fun doesn't stop there, with the main screen locked in the vertical position the arcade cabinet is transformed into a virtual pinball machine, complete with side mounted flipper and nudge buttons and a dedicated back glass display for a scoreboard.

The mind-blowing creation is powered by a powerful Windows gaming PC housed behind plexi-glass with multi-color LED lighting and messaging sign board that wraps around cooling fans. Even more features include, remote-control ambient lighting, a disco laser, powerful sub woofers and computer animated RGB lighting in the joysticks, buttons and trackball.

Public interest in retro gaming is making a comeback thanks to re-releases of classics for tablets & phones and movies such as Disney's Wreck It Ralph. Once again the dream of having your own arcade cabinet in your home is becoming popular in kids and parents alike who enjoy the experience of popping in a quarter and smashing on big chunky buttons to play their favorite game.

The Revolution machine took builder GriffinDodd over 6 months to design and build in his home garage with a final cost of materials exceeding $4,000. A fully documented log of the design & build from start to finish can be seen over at the BYOAC Community Forums.,121570


Submission + - Tesla Battles The New York Times (

redletterdave writes: "Days after the New York Times released a brutal review of Tesla's electric Model S sedan, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has fired back, claiming the Times article was completely bogus and misleading. In the article in question, Times writer John Broder took the Tesla Model S on a test drive from Washington to Boston, stopping at various service plazas in Delaware and Connecticut well within the projected 265-mile range of the car, as rated by the EPA. However, Broder’s Tesla Model S, despite a heftier 85 kilowatt-hour battery for an extra 100 miles of range in “ideal conditions,” died shortly before reaching its final destination. Broder blames the cold weather and heating issues for his abridged trip; Musk, however, claims the driver did not follow Tesla's instructions, which is why his trip was cut so short. 'We’ve taken great pains to ensure that the car works very well in the cold, which is why we’re so incensed by this ridiculous article,' Musk said."
Open Source

Submission + - DIY Web-Controlled Robot that takes 1 hour to build (

fixpert writes: "We hooked up Pinoccio (an Open Source, wireless Arduino-compatible microcontroller) to a Pololu 3pi Robot to create an unmanned rover that can be driven via the Web. We posted a quick video where you can see us driving our Web Rover in Nevada all the way from Brazil. We used the iPhone's built-in accelerometer as a super-intuitive interface for driving the bot. You can read all about the project — how we built it, what you need to make your own (including source code), and a simulator of the accelerometer interface that you can play with. We're hoping to make Pinoccio the perfect platform for Software Developers to learn how to hack on DIY hardware."

Comment Re:"I'm still waiting for my under $50 Macbook." (Score 1) 299

I think that hasn't been true in a long time. You might be able to get a similarly spec'ed laptop if you didn't care about form-factor or style that much, but then it's not really the same product. The new Mac Book Pro has taken things even further by giving the best resolution available for the money. Doing a quick price comparison can show you they aren't overpriced at all. The Dell Ultrabook XPS 13 currently retails for $999, while the Mac Book Air 13" retails at $1199. Of course the Mac is more, but it has a 1400x900 screen as opposed to 720p resolution, 1.8GHz CPU as opposed to 1.6GHz CPU and a height of 0.68 inches vs. 0.71 inches. The rest of the main features seem to be about the same, and while some may say, what's the difference between .68 and .71 inches, well, it's still 5%, which takes quite a lot of engineering to get rid of when you are looking at laptops of this size. Mac laptops are quite competitively priced, the only problem is they've decided not to make $400 laptops. Which is fine, because there is no money to be made in that market anyway.

They're overpriced regarding "How much money do I need to spend to get the task done" not "What gives me the most features for my dollar." A $400 laptop can type Word documents, create Excel spreadsheets, browse the internet, send email, haul it around a job site looking at PDFs, watch movies, and play games just as well as the $1200 mac book pro. I don't need to do that in 720p resolution, I don't need a super drive sitting idle, I don't need 500 gb of hard drive storage, or the cutting edge RAM speed.

Comment Re:Lame Tech (Score 1) 1165

Rather than trying to associate gun crimes with people, they're trying to associate gun crimes with guns, and then just assume that means a person. By printing numbers on the shell casings, they can piggy back on the precedence that has been set by the riaa which is numbers (IP address) = person.

Comment Re:Most won't notice (Score 3, Insightful) 329

This actually seems like a pretty sane plan for most people who aren't diehard pirates or Netflix users. Most users don't use 300GB.

I just hope they give the option to shut off buying extra bandwidth automatically. I'll buy the 300gb a month, but I don't want anymore. If I hit the cap, cut me off to just a Comcast website where I can buy more. None of this, "For an extra $10 a month we'll give you parental controls to limit the automatic purchase of more bandwidth" crap that cell phone companies pull with text messaging.

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