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Submission + - slashdot censorship (slashdot.org) 1

oddbudman writes: I posted anonomous coward reply to this thread today:
Our site http://1place.com.au/ [1place.com.au] is blocked which on has our work or intellectual property generally (e.g. art events, design, patents, copyright, latest trade mark disputes, great marketing podcasts...) .... However, the bare buttocks at the opera house as photographed by Spencer Tunick has no problems getting passed the great wall: http://thespencertunickexperience.org/2010-03_Sydney/Sydney_The_Base_2010.htm [thespencer...rience.org] I was surprised. We were informed by a Chinese resident that: "Nudity is no probelm. It is subversive activity [of IP protection] such as your website that is blocked."

Saying how the site works for me in Guangdong China (which i can assure you it does). Seems my post has been removed.
i would like to know what happend. you can email me oddbudman@gmail.com if you find out what happened.


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