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Comment what does 265 solar masses mean? (Score 2, Funny) 202

I need that in units I can comprehend:

The mass of the sun is 1.99x10^30kg. The average mass of a book is 340g. There are 21,814,555 books cataloged by the Library of Congress. So, 265 solar masses * 1.99x10^30kg/solar mass * 1000g/kg / 340g/book / 21,814,555 books/LoC = 7.1x10^25LoC. Therefore, the new star is equivalent in mass to 71YLoC (yotta Libraries Of Congress). Wow, that's a big star!

Comment Re:Genius (Score 1) 250

Yeah... that and a 6'3 415lb body builder with wild eyes being held down by 6 people to have blood drawn with a needle.

Ha! I call B.S. Any real bodybuilder would already be injecting steroids in his ass on a weekly basis!

Comment Re:I love the wording in the above translation. (Score 2, Informative) 293

And I love when someone nitpicks legislative language from an unofficial translation.

Considering your feelings, it's a good thing they don't actually use the word "legitimate" in the law. They use the Spanish word "legal". Now, IANACL (I am not a Chilean Lawyer), but I'm pretty sure "legal" means something like "allowed by law", or, more accurately, "not explicitly disallowed elsewhere in our laws".

Now, if you are concerned that they may, at a future date, make it illegal to use P2P (or, for you Spanish speakers out there "ilegal"), don't you think that would supersede the net neutrality law, whether it said "legitimate" or "legal"?!

Comment multi-million-pound?! (Score 3, Funny) 62

Robin de Jongh is a consulting engineer and designer who has successfully used SketchUp for multi-million-pound new developments, and a whole bunch of smaller projects, from steel staircases to new product prototypes.

When did they start describing buildings by weight? Because those are certainly some heavy buildings.

Comment Re:baloney! (Score 1) 185

That's not the point. The question is, are there "transition games" that would encourage people to move from line 3 to line 4, in your example? The fact that different people have interest in different types and complexity of games is a given. The article is hypothesizing that such games need to exist, that if only there were games that were slightly more complex/hardcore than Wii Sports Resort but less complex than Super Mario Galaxy, we would see the people currently playing the former eventually playing the latter.

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