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Comment Unfortunately, You Can't Remove It. (Score 4, Interesting) 775

The only way to derank the results it is to drown it out. It is very unfortunate that they did this to his "name", rather than just news about him.

He can reverse this. I remember when Apple's lack of Flash support was in the news, and Apple successfully drowned out much of the negative press by including dense concentrations of the word "Flash" (referring to the camera) in their press releases. They successfully made searches for "iphone flash" show links to their pages rather than to blogs complaining about the iphone not having Flash.

I personally feel that search engine manipulation is a problem, and while I commend Google's position on their neutrality - I feel some precedence should be given when it involves peoples names. If you have a unique name and somebody blogs bad things about you, you are stuck with those results *for life* every time someone Google's you.

Because of Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, the material has been found to be defamatory by a court, as evidenced by a court order, limiting such an option to only those in power, or those who can afford a decent lawyer. It's evil.

Comment This is very bad. (Score 1) 273

SOPA would have many unintended consequences.

My specific concern is regarding data centers that utilize shared hosting. Most "Cloud Computing" organizations share IP addresses and DNS server addresses. If they were to block a DNS then not only would the site in question go down, so would all the other sites sharing that host DNS. This is terrible news for anyone who utilizes a colocation data center, as it puts the reliability of your site at risk - even if you aren't doing anything wrong.

Call your senators and representatives and tell them that SOPA is very, very bad. It MUST be stopped.

I called my senator. You should too.

Comment 80/20 Rule (Score 1) 507

Here are my real-life stats on my site for the past 30 days. The real-amount of people using iOS devices is still small.

Operating System Visits Operating System contribution to total:
1 Windows 1,862 88.62%
2 Macintosh 119 5.66%
3 Linux 32 1.52%
4 iPhone 29 1.38%
5 Android 25 1.19%
6 (not set) 20 0.95%
7 iPad 11 0.52%

Out of those people, 94.62% of all visitors had identified some version of Flash. My site utilizes Flash heavily.

I've tried Adobe Wallaby and Google Swiffy, neither does a perfect job converting to HTML5, especially with AS3 files. Edge doesn't support rollovers/hover yet, fortunately actions made it into the latest release. The Flash content on my site views fine on most browsers (including my Droid). Given the small amount of iOS users, I don't plan on converting my Flash content to HTML5 it anytime soon. Until a significant amount of iOS users contribute traffic, I don't see it as much of a problem.


Submission + - Daniel Tammet - Savant Genius (

porkpickle writes: " An incredible story of Daniel Tammet, who is a British born high-functioning autistic savant gifted with a facility for mathematical and natural language learning. He was born the first of nine children to middle-class parents in London. In his memoir, Born on a Blue Day, he talks of how having epilepsy, synaesthesia, and Asperger Syndrome all deeply affected his childhood."

The World's Most Modern Management System 235

NeoPrime writes "CNN has a story about an Indian IT outsourcing firm HCL Technologies, whose president feels that 'employees come first and customers second.' He further feels that every employee should 'rate their boss, their boss' boss, and any three other company managers they choose, on 18 questions using a 1-5 scale. There is even an electronic ticket system to flag anything they think requires action in the company. The company president explains, 'It can be I have a problem with my bonus, or My seat is not working, or My boss sucks.' This ticket is then routed to a manager for resolution. The article's argument: India has the most modern management system in the world."


Bananatree3 writes "A monkey has learned to control a remote arm to fling its own poo at researchers. From the article: " Researchers at Duke University have taught a lab monkey to control the movement of a robotic arm, using only signals from its brain. The monkey's immediate utilization of this new skill was to shower a group of neurobiologists with feces, according to the report by lead researcher Miguel Nicolelis.""

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