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Microsoft Clears MechWarrior4 Free Launch 131

Vamman writes "If you've been following the drama surrounding the free release of MechWarrior4, then you're probably aware that the initial announcement, made last summer, was a bit premature. Now, nearly a year since that announcement was made, MekTek Studios has announced that Microsoft Legal has given clearance for the free release of Mechwarrior4. This move by Microsoft Games couldn't come at a better time for the community, as the owners of MechWarrior are attempting a reboot of the franchise."

Comment Re:Oh Noes! (Score 1) 921

I agree, and I promise you can survive and be quite all right without cursive. I am 28 years old, high school education + some college, cannot write one word in cursive. I am a victim of a thing called Duvall handwriting. It was an elementary education fad in the 80s. The idea was that kids should learn a simplified cursive that was based on printing. The printed letters were malformed in ways that left little tails into, and out of them so you could hook them together while writing.

The problem was that the teachers only know traditional cursive. So they couldn't effectively teach this new crap that was forced into the curriculum. First we were taught the crappy malformed printing and then the art of hooking the tails. The method of hooking the tails was dependent on the sequence of letters you were in the middle of. We were required to turn in our homework in this crappy cursive, and were marked down if we missed hooking some of the tails.

It was a complete failure. There were several years worth of students who couldn't write traditional cursive, and couldn't even do traditional printing! Over the years after elementary school the tails were hooked together less, and less often. Finally the tails weren't hooked together at all. After 10 years of being asked "Is that an 'R'?" when it was really a "K", my printing shifted toward a more traditional style. My handwriting is nearly unreadable to this day, and so is most of my graduating class. Out of the ones that can write well, I don't know any of them who know one bit of cursive... unless they moved here after elementary. This went on for a few years and then the school district (northshore school dist. in WA) realized their mistake and switched back to traditional.

The only time my lack of cursive knowledge has ever been an issue, is maybe 10 times when some old geezer relative sent a letter, which I couldn't read at all. I had to have my parents translate those. Other than that, I type about as fast as I can think, and I estimate I hand write only a few pages a year, usually songs I am jotting down while playing the guitar (printed), and usually those are even typed into vi on whatever keyboard I can reach

Comment Re:"Princely salaries?" (Score 1) 548

Teachers get paid much better than I do, and much better than most of the people I know, in this part of the country (WA). If they get the proper credentials an elementary school teacher can make a great salary while taking huge amounts of time off, and even build a nice retirement fund while doing it.

I am not saying it isn't deserved, just saying its absolute fucking bullshit for a teacher who has a job to talk that shit up here. They still do complain of course... and the union mobsters collect a huge amount of money while preventing crusty, old, awful, fuckwad teachers from being fired, and good young teachers stay jobless.

My sister makes more money than I probably ever will (I am a licensed low voltage electrician: security, A.V., Data, telecom, etc) teaching elementary P.E., again, I am not saying she doesn't deserve it, she works pretty hard at what she does, but then I have never heard her complain about the pay either. She jumped through the hoops, got her extra credentials and got her pay up very quickly. Her schedule has been infinitely flexible as she has had kids and raised them. The benefits are truely outstanding.

Comment oblig capricorn one quotes (Score 1) 151

Dr. James Kelloway: You think it's all a couple of looney scientists, it's not! It's bigger. There are people out there, *forces* out there, who have a lot to lose. They're grown ups. It's gotten too big, it's in the hands of grown ups!

Charles Brubaker: [dividing up the first aid kit] John, you take the flint. Peter and I will split up the matches. Anybody want the gun?
Lt. Col Peter Willis: I'd shoot my foot.
Cmdr. John Walker: I'd shoot his foot.

then there is of course, my favorite: so thereâ(TM)s this guy, see, who takes a trip to see the sights, you know, he has a real good time, anyway, he decides to call his brother, see, and, well, he asks his brother, howâ(TM)s everything at home, and his brother says, the cat died, and the guy says, you shouldnâ(TM)t tell me bad news like that, you know, not like that, you should tell me something like, well, something like the cat crawled out on the roof chasing some mice, and we had to call the fire department, and when the firemen went up to get the cat, well, the cat slipped and fell to the ground, see, and we had to take the cat to the vet, and they were going to operate on the cat, you know, but it was too late, they couldnâ(TM)t save the cat, thatâ(TM)s how you should break bad news, like that, see, so the guy says to his brother, howâ(TM)s mom, and the brother says sheâ(TM)s on the roof

what a great movie...

Comment Re:Just Takes One (Score 1) 575

how dare you have a different opinion? look, I totally agree we need to be careful. I totally disagree about the level of danger involved in a properly designed and maintained nuke plant. Even though I disagree, I fail to see what makes this flamebait. fucking /.ers once again afraid of a different opinion.

I will save you all the trouble of replying to this, and do it myself.

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