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Comment Not games for linux, but games for the cloud (Score 1) 74

I think the jungle is not targeted to having their own games, if I understand the idea, they aim to get to work on this all the free and freemium games already out there, plug-in dependant browser games that only need the plug-in ported. And that is something very easy to do, if not done yet, for the browser engine this thing will run.

Comment Re:Wouldn't this make a good source of fossil fuel (Score 1) 325

I agree that we are part of nature, but as we can forsee the outcomes of our actions in a long term, we should be able to plan for long term. You have explained a rational agent with no information on long term outcomes for a given situation, that is obviously not our case. If the current situation asks for us to crap our pants running to get natural resources before other get them, then we must agree to change the situation.

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Lost Sonic Xterme game for Sega Saturn released (

ASSEMblergames writes: The lost Sonic 3D game for Sega Saturn has been found and released by a group of collectors.

Sonic Xtreme featured the Sega Nights engine, which was used in a demo by Sega USA.
This lead to conflict with Sega Japan reaching the point of a the threat by Sonic Team
to quit Sega. Needless to say, the version was axed, a later version was also killed off
as unworkable.
This game previously sold for $3000 in 1996 and was finally bought by almost 100 people and released.
You'll have to jump to the piratebay for the torrent.


Submission + - STEAM Hacked

An anonymous reader writes: DailyTech reports that Valve's STEAM content distribution system has been compromised. According to the article a hacker claims to have "bypassed Valve's security system and accessed a significant chunk of data, including: screenshots of internal Valve web pages, a portion of Valve's Cafe directory, error logs, credit card information of customers, and financial information on Valve"

Submission + - Blog divulges details about next Windows OS

Stony Stevenson writes: For the second time in five weeks, information about a key upcoming Microsoft product has come to light because of a presentation placed on the company's Web site by an employee in Denmark.

According to a PowerPoint presentation created by a technical staffer at Microsoft Denmark, the software vendor plans to invest in four major areas in the next client version of Windows after Vista.

The posting says that two slides in the presentation contain information that "more than likely applies to 'Windows Seven,'" the codename that Microsoft is using internally for the successor to Vista. The changes include even more security features and improved mobile connectivity.

Submission + - Possible massive meteorite found

johkir writes: "Geologists think they may have found a meteorite the size of a small town. They were looking for oil but instead found space dust and a possible mammoth meteorite. The possible meteorite is buried deep in the ground about ten miles west of Stockton, Calif. in an area called Victoria Island. 3-D images show that the circular crater created by the rock is estimated to have been about 3 miles wide. The meteorite is also believed to have fallen to earth over 50 million years ago. Per the news feed, 'The impact would have been as powerful as 100-thousand atomic bomb blasts and would have been seen and heard for hundreds of miles.' BBC has the story, as does a local CBS affiliate (with flash video), and there is an abstract for the upcoming AAPG conference."

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