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Comment Re:Privacy for what? (Score 3, Interesting) 213

An excellent point. That's why I think OpenDNS is a better option. They at least appear to give you a choice in the matter. I'm not sure Google's services are equitable. There's a good blog post from the founder of OpenDNS where he critiques Google's service. It's a good read.

Comment The Security? (Score 1) 325

Sandra Whitley Ryals, director of Virginia's Department of Health Professions, declined to discuss details of the hacker's claims, and referred inquires to the FBI. "There is a criminal investigation under way by federal and state authorities, and we take the information security very serious," she said.

Nice grammar, chump. `I'm not on the email. I don't trust the email.`

Comment I can't wait for the work-from-home effect (Score 4, Interesting) 395

Here at IBM, our company has just decided to stop reimbursing work-from-home employees for Internet access. Combined with this new data transfer capping trend, I fully anticipate having to explain to a customer why I can't take care of that server problem until next month because my daughter used up our bandwidth allocation on the Playhouse Disney web site. That's going to go over really well...

Comment Re:oh well... (Score 1) 175

I agree with parent; the problem is parameterized queries don't exist for every type of SQL statement you'd want to write, that's why folks get trapped into escaping user input. The only foolproof solution is to not accept user input. :-)

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