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Comment The Punishment... (Score 1) 547

I don't think this guy should do jail time but I DO think he should be kicked out of Harvard (and given an automatic F for the class he was trying to avoid finals for. The incident should also be on his record but no fine or time. Being kicked out of Harvard and a felony on his record should be enough to ruin his future and indicate what kind of scumbag he is.

Comment Re:Too simple (Score 1) 91

A good analogy but I don't think "the bacteria is insightful to economics" is more than just an analogy. I highly doubt looking at a staph infection will help you find the next fortune 500 company that is just starting in someones garage. While both systems want to use "limited resources" the behavior of those resources and methods of aquiring them behave radically differently.

Comment Re:Ever notice (Score 2) 772

I would simply argue that it would hurt the show. Male fictional characters should stay male. If you want a show about a strong female- start a NEW show about a strong female character. I don't want the show addressing:
-The whole idea of a man trapped inside a woman's body.
-Is the new doctor attracted to men or women?

Please let the show just be cheap sci-fi and not about social re-engineering.

Comment Re:Talk about a knee-jerk reaction (Score 1) 685

If you're abandoning a distro because you don't know how to change the default GUI, you probably shouldn't be looking at Linux in the first place.

With that logic, one could argue why have a distribution? Around 2003 I built my own Frankenstien distribution because I wanted to keep certain things the way I wanted them and each distribution just didn't cut it for me. The system worked great but I hated all the work involved to change anything. I then got too busy to care and went over to a distribution. If Linux is for only the hardcore, then it is a poor excuse for a computer system. The goal of any computer system SHOULD be to get things done (whether that is running a business or writing emails to friends and playing games) and NOT for working on the system itself. If a person is spending a lot of time learning how the system works to get what they want, then the system has failed that person.

Comment Re:First to say (Score 2) 291

It didn't say "this is perjury" it gave an analogy of how serious some contexts consider lie of omission (specifically the context of a court of law). The original post was saying the act wasn't the same as lying and the response simply pointed out that in some contexts it is considered equivalent to a lie.

But it is false. Lie by ommision is definately NOT perjury. Perjury is out and out lying. However if anyone ommits to say something in court... well that is built into the court proceedings with map hearings (what district atourney's are and are not allowed to bring up.).


Nexus One Owners Report Spotty 3G Signals On T-Mobile 146

rsk writes "One of the most popular questions on the Google Nexus One support forums is the 'Spotty 3G?' thread with almost 700 posts of users complaining about their 3G signal coverage fluctuating up, down, and between EDGE/3G with the phone just sitting on the desk or compared to other 3G devices on the T-Mobile network that don't offer the same unpredictable behavior. One workaround that seems to fix the issue is forcing the phone into '3G' or 'WCDMA Only' mode. This is a bit of a downer given that T-Mobile just finished their 3G upgrade to 7.2Mbps. Official word from Google is 'We are investigating this issue....'"

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