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Comment Automation (Score 5, Interesting) 426

Another big part of the Tesla story is automation. Check out today's post by Robert Scoble:

This is the future of American manufacturing. They can make anything. It's almost 100% vertically integrated, which means everything from plastics and metals to batteries, electronics, motors and component assembly is done here, with flexible multi-purpose robots. Every car can be different, with no retooling, because the robots can do anything. It's just software.

Comment Comcast forced me to use web mail (Score 1) 209

I had my own mail server set up in my house for at least 8 years, and I was in control of my data/uptime/backups. That all changed when Comcast blocked my incoming port 25. Blocking outgoing port 25 is almost reasonable, but blocking incoming port 25 is just mean.

Now I am forced to use an external mail service.

jw3 asks "Of course, gmail is just one of the many providers of web-based e-mails. When I look around, almost everyone seems to be using them nowadays. So â" what do you do? Do you trust that the site of your web-based e-mail provider will never go down? Do you make backups of all your e-mails?"

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