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Comment Unicode reverse transcribe. (Score 1) 637

Pick a long word or phrase. I'm using my name "OWEN" for the example.

For each letter in the phrase, hold down alt and trace the shape of the letter out on the keyboard.

O is a circle, so it's Alt plus 79317 or
W is 71539 so s
E is 97513 so
N is 1739 so


You can change the shape you draw for each letter too, so E could be 9745413 or , N could be 178239 or ?.

Of course, this only works if the system supports full unicode.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 5, Informative) 982

Any game that uses DirectX 9. Win 7 lets you have old versions of DirectX installed, and will run apps that use directX9 on the native codec. Win10 forces you to emulate the old DirX using the modern DirX codec, in a manner that is far less efficient than just running the codec native. Since 90% of my computer time is spent playing one title (SWTOR) that is Dx9 native, this is a huge deal. In fact, I am buying a new computer with top-end specs, but will be putting win 7 on it because it is the optimal OS for the game I play most.

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