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Comment RE:Microsoft Paid NFL $400 Million To Use Surface (Score 1) 405

A local radio station always refers to its broadcast center as "The Carter Subaru studio"--because the eponymous sponsor paid them to do so. If the NFL was paid $400 million, all affiliated broadcasters carrying the games should have been trained to say things like "...and there he is using his 'Microsoft Surface' tablet, the official tablet of the NFL...". I hear stuff like this all the time in broadcasting. Yes, it would sound awkward, but it's a paid advertisement. Then again, I have no idea what the verbiage of the contract actually requires of the NFL. Maybe Microsoft has a case to get its money back. Or maybe Microsoft should write a better contract next time.

Comment Re:Wrong Title (Score 1) 499

This is pretty funny. You are apparently advocating the Govt. hire people who have previously belonged to organizations that have expressed themselves as enemies of the same organization that's being asked to hire them? Do you actually hear yourself when you speak or type? That's like asking to be hired as a fireman with a record of arson (lying about it no less!) and then threatening to sue because it's so unfair they don't want you. Duh! The Govt isn't in any way obligated to give jobs and had she been up front about it they might have let it go but instead she lied.

No. He's simply advocating NOT LYING. Telling the truth by disclosing something negative from her past MIGHT still have ultimately disqualified her (as you suggest it should), but lying about it or omitting it ABSOLUTELY disqualified her before her past ever became an issue.

Comment Energy Quotas (Score 1) 150

Eventually, this type of information will be used to crack down on people who are exceeding their "energy quota" as energy becomes increasingly scarce and the carbon credit culture becomes increasingly fascist. People will be carted off for keeping their homes too cool in summer, too hot in winter, or having drafty windows, inadequate insulation, etc. And God forbid we build a nuclear reactor or fix our decrepit energy grid. Let's build more "green" wind farms, instead. Not that I'm bitter!

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