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Comment Re:What about Pick? (Score 1) 875

Pick itself may not be as widespread as it once was (though recently I was at a site that had Pick running on a mainframe that was installed in '82) but you'll find there are quite a few D3 systems on NT/AIX/Linux out there. Companies like TigerLogic still sell and support the software and there are even Pick/D3 annual conferences.

New Standard For EU-Compliant Electronic Signatures 42

An anonymous reader writes "ETSI has published a multi-part standard that will facilitate secure paperless business transactions throughout Europe, in conformance with European legislation. The standard defines a series of profiles for PAdES — Advanced Electronic Signatures for PDF documents — that meet the requirements of the European Directive on a Community framework for electronic signatures (Directive 1999/93/EC)."

Comment Re:Nothing is too young (Score 1) 286

Your 3 year old _nephew_ plays MK/GTA and _you're_ not proud of it? What the hell do his parent's think of that? And cell phones at 4 is insane. Under what circumstance is a 4 year old going to be so far detached from a responsible adult family member that they'd have to make a decision to call one? I recently witness two boys, 8 and 10 years old, that literally could not stand still for 30 minutes during a wedding because they hadn't been allowed to play with their iPod Touch(es) for over an hour. I grew up with computers in the house and was given my first hand-me-down IBM XT around age 8, but hell if I ever sat at it longer than it took my friends to finish their homework so we could go skating or biking outside. If ignoring technology is a crime you can call child services on me today. They'll come to a modest apartment and find a little girl that doesn't require any electronic babysitters, a stay at home Mom that keeps her active, engaged, clean, and fed all day long, and if the timing is right a girl who smiles when her Dad gets home because she isn't buried into a soul-sucking LCD of one variance or another. We all grew up without these crutches, and while its not the popular or easy way to do it these days I sure as hell am going to try and figure out how.

Comment Re:New biological weapon? (Score 1) 124

Oh no! Not terrorists!

Seriously, half the items under your kitchen sink can probably be used by terrorists. In fact does your home have natural gas running to it? Seal that house up, start a leak, light a long fuse... I think I've found out that you own a Weapon of Mass Neighborhood Destruction!!!! How do you sleep at night?

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