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Comment Re:1password (Score 1) 1007

Because 1Password has a strong password generator and an improved keychain format which works better when syncing to services like Mobile Me or (or just about anywhere else). There is also an iPhone app that syncs as well. As long as you have your phone, you have your passwords. The real upside is having a unique, strong password for each site, so even if one does get compromised, the attacker only has access to that one site and has no real chance of guessing any of your other passwords.
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Journal Journal: Leonid Meteor Shower Nov 17-19

Those Wacky Leonids Are At It Again

I am talking about the annual Leonid Meteor shower. There should be a new moon (aka little visible moon light) so the sky should be nice and dark, providing that you live in the correct side ofthe globe that is effectively "facing" the oncoming path of the debris as the earth moves across this section of the solar system. Check out

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