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Submission + - Mega - is it really secure ? 2

nzNick writes: "OK so the new Mega.co.nz site is und running, and everyone is flocking to the service .... but reading the terms and conditions I see this ....

"8. Our service may automatically delete a piece of data you upload or give someone else access to where it determines that that data is an exact duplicate of original data already on our service. In that case, you will access that original data."

So If Mega does not have the encryption keys .... how does it do such a check?
"exact duplicate check" implies they can look at the data ... or am I missing somethig ?

I am interested in hearing how others interprete this clause in the contract."

Submission + - Atari Files Bankruptcy (halls-of-valhalla.org)

halls-of-valhalla writes: "Atari was one of the very first video game companies, starting way back in 1972. However, this long-running name that brought us titles like Pong and Asteroids is having major financial issues. Atari's United States branches have filed bankruptcy on Sunday, Janary 20 2013. This bankruptcy is an attempt to separate themselves from their French parent which has quite a bit of debt. The plan is to split from the French parent and find a buyer to form a private company."

Comment NZ changed timezone dates last year (Score 1) 554

NZ changed the dates for it 'summer' last year - it was published a year out - all major distros and time servers had had the new dates loaded and it was mostly seamless.

MS even put out an update to update the timezone file on Windows ....

The only people that had any problems where those that where running old system (read big Unix/ mainframe system that never miss a beat - but do not accept updates either, due to being isolated from the outside world - they needed the timezone file to be manually updated) , or had not applied the updates.
Mostly - moving the date by 2 weeks at each end of 'summer' was a none event - but it meant I was able to get home and have beer on the deck in the afternoon sum :-)


Submission + - Android Honeycomb Born Too Early

adeelarshad82 writes: This year's Mobile World Confress was the stage for dozens of new tablets, unfortunately though Android Honeycomb tablets lacked presence to the extend that amongst the top Android tablets showcased at the show, only Motorola Xoom was running Honeycomb where as others were running either Android 2.3 or older versions. Moreover most of the top apps announced for the OS were not new; just reworked. Gigaom may believe that Honeycomb tablets will be iPad's true competition but in my opinion progress has been slow. Honeycomb was born too early, primarily out pressure of iPad getting a one year head start in the tablet industry.

Comment Re:Uh, that's not just possible, it's super possib (Score 2) 52

Dude - OSGI is soooo much more then Tomcats class loader separation. Think of a SINGLE web app (war file in Tomcat) that needs to use two versions of the same jar file (think apache-commons).... This is OSGI -binding to specific library versions WITHIN the same class loader context - all dependencies specified in the manifest file. But I agree with the reviewer - if you are not running into enterprise level lass loader issues, dependency issues, and other resource management (pooling etc) management, you probably will be a while away from needing OSGI, but in an enterprise scale environment, OSGI solves some very nasty problems. Nick
Operating Systems

Submission + - Intel porting Android to x86 for netbooks and slat (liliputing.com)

timothy writes: According to Liliputing, Intel is bringing the sweet eye candy of Android to x86, which — if all goes well — means it will land on (more) netbooks and tablets soon. I'm more excited about ARM-based tablets, for their current advantage in battery life, but the more the merrier, when it comes to breaking up the tight circle of OSes available for any given arbitrary class of computing devices. Given all the OS swings that the OLPC project has gone through, maybe they should be thinking of Android, too.

Submission + - Are we seeing the death of the PC ?

nzNick writes: Yesterday we saw a story about how innovation and application development is focusing on portable devices — no secret there, and no real surprise.
Today Intel announced the end of PCI.
The question I have for slashdotters is 'When will we see the end of the PC?'

By this I mean desktop machines, and I include many of the current laptops in this. Google has said the future is Mobile — all the Telcos around the world are promoting data services and trying to get a share of the mobile data pie.
Traffic congestion in all major cities has made many companies attempt to encourage working from home — this has been hampered in the most part by poor bandwidth and a lack of truly mobile devices and applications.

Does the iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices start to expose a future direction of computing?
Will we start to see applications that currently run on PC's moved to the cloud, and being accessed from more and more portable devices.

I am predicting that the sale of PC's will be 50% of current levels in 5 years, and in 10 years PCs will only be used for legacy applications.
I am not talking about specialised machines, I think we will see an explosion of very specific form factor machines such as PVRs, mini 'Home' servers for storage and gaming platforms — but the general purpose PC that is in 90% of homes and offices — I suspect we are seeing the peek of it's existence now — and we are already beginning to see the mobile revolution overtake the PC.

Do you agree?
If so — do you thing my prediction of 5 years having a 50% reduction in current sales, and being all but extinct in 10 years is correct?

What are your thoughts on this topic


Submission + - Australia gets its first female Prime Minister (abc.net.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Julia Gillard has been elected unopposed to the Labor leadership, seizing power in a bloodless Parliament House coup after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd decided not to contest this morning's leadership ballot. Ms Gillard will now be sworn in as Australia's first female Prime Minister. Emerging from this morning's meeting, she said she felt "very honoured" and said she would be making a statement shortly. Treasurer Wayne Swan now steps up as Deputy Prime Minister. He was also elected unopposed.

Submission + - iPhone 4 antenna problems, multiple reports and vi (gizmodo.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Gizmodo has a story about multiple iPhone 4 owners experiencing partial or total loss of signal when the iPhone 4 is actually held with skin touching the metal band which acts as the antenna for the phone (good luck holding the phone without your skin touching the band). Numerous user-submitted videos are included on the page showing the problem.


Comment It comes down to requirements (Score 1) 426

It depends on your requirements - if you can install other shells such as powershell, perl, java, python .... then pick your poison. If you want to maintain your initial statement of a single file (and here my assumption is that it must run an all windows machines in your network) - DOS works. Why make it pretty ? There is nothing wrong with a simple text menu in DOS - provided it is simple.

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