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Linux Business

Submission + - Open Source licensing ? How to keep business model

An anonymous reader writes: I am considering the impact on business if our company open sources a valuable piece of software that is currently not addressed in the open source market. I would like FOSS distribution of the desktop. We have other software that will still be proprietary and licensed. We have no issues with our many years of work offering the market a FOSS. However, we would like to make money on our other software and need to protect against someone taking our "complete" software and competing against us or ruining our server software business. What are the suggestions on licensing ? We want to become good members of the open source community but also as a company make some money (on the other software not services/support).

Submission + - Microsoft flip-flops on Vista virtualization

Geeky Gal writes: "Microsoft's Windows Vista team is eating crow after flip-flopping on its on-again, off-again decision to allow cheaper versions of Vista to be used in virtualized machines. The company was all set to announce June 20 that the lower-cost Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium could be used in virtual machines, and that it had lifted its prohibition on the use of information rights management, digital rights management and its BitLocker data encryption service in a virtual machine. A spokesman for the Vista team even told eWeek in a prebrief (,1895,2148526,00.a sp) that: "We are responding to virtualization enthusiast, partner, press and analyst feedback that end users should be able to make educated choices on security rather than Microsoft making those choices for them via the End User License Agreement." But then something happened that resulted in a 180-degree turnaround in Microsoft's position, with a company spokesperson telling eWEEK late on June 19 that "Microsoft has reassessed the Windows virtualization policy and decided that we will maintain the original policy announced last fall.""

Submission + - Linux device makes good, better, Best

An anonymous reader writes: Another Linux-based gadget has broken into the mainstream consumer electronics marketplace. The Sonos Digital Music System is now available in more than 450 Best Buy retail outlets, alongside Linux-powered classics like the TiVo, Linksys WRT54G (V1-3), and Sony HD TVs. The device lets you easily distribute music digitally throughout your home.

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