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Comment Re:If they're cheap enough... (Score 2) 81

According to the first google result on 'tobacco tax russia' the duty is about $25 per 1000 cigarettes. This is probably inte same order of magnitude as the profit you can make on smuggling cigarettes if you include costs of procuring, distribution and sales. Say a decent autonomous drone with some carrying capacity costs >$1000. That means you have to sell more than 40000 smuggled cigarettes for each drone you have confiscated by the authorities. I would say that you have to have a fairly decent success rate to 'win' when you are smuggling tobacco into Russia.

Comment Re:Political Correctness has no place in Kernel De (Score 5, Informative) 1501

If you ask a humble question or make a polite request to someone who represents a system (political, corporate, cultural etc.) and get an aggressive response, you have acted politically incorrect. It's what you say to whom, not how you say it. Linus Torvalds might be a rebel in the world of tech giants but in the community of linux kernel developers, he is a person of power and should take it seriously when someone points out a problem.

Comment Re:compare the files (Score 1) 284

I'm pretty sure it's a simple task to use imagemagick and bash/python/language of choice to make a map of binary differences comparing each image with the results file and with each of the other. Crude attempts to copy the result or another students image should be fairly easy to spot. Also, watermarks or lowering the resolution on the final results file might also help.

Comment Image sharing (Score 5, Informative) 286

I use facebook,g+ and twitter, mostly for maintaining a presence rather than posting personal stuf. But I've discovered that google+ is quite good for sharing images with family and closer friends. The fact that you can can share things with people that doesn't have a g+ account just by their e-mail address means that I can show them whats happening in my life from a single place.

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