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Comment Reason (Score 1) 742

Reason for me at least is that Linux isn't interesting as a kernel when there's formally proven kernels like the se:l4 microkernel or a vm based / language verified (read: everything runs in ring0) such as Microsofts Midori. I don't want to dedicate my time to something that is good enough when theres something much better being created right now.

Comment Re:Gimmick (Score 1) 528

I agree with the distributed part but not the web browser based interface, I believe things will be headed towards what inferno or even better microsoft's midori where the compiler is verified and there is no kernel (single address space) and architectures simply need a rewritten VM. It should also be simple to distributed tasks imagine doing a long high cpu usage calculation the VM/OS could simply and automatically distribute it no matter what OS it is distributed to. Old bad unix ideas need to die.

Comment PAX / ALSR (Score 1) 843

I thought windows 7 introduced full ALSR (address space layout randomization) with windows core software protected against stack smashing as well with canaries? Just as GRSecurity patched Linux or a smart OS like OpenBSD by default How can these viruses work against full ALSR and protection against stack smashing?

Dev Discusses Upcoming Spy-MMO, The Agency 75

Kheldon writes "The MMO Gamer recently sat down with Lorien Gremore, lead producer on SOE's upcoming spy-shooter MMO, The Agency. They discussed various aspects of its development, such as the 'stickiness' of session-based games, striking a balance between FPS and MMO players, and whether or not The Agency even falls under the definition of a traditional MMO at all. 'You might be in Prague, and experiencing play with a lot of different other players; you might have come in at your field office and gone out into the city, encountering many other players doing missions that you are also doing,' Gremore said. She added that the game's areas are large enough to have 'lots of different people in them, collecting intel, engaging in public combat, all of those types of things. These areas are big enough that there’s shops, there’s secret spaces, photos to be taken of suspicious objects, things like that. They’re all out there in the world. We’re really trying to create a balance, where you’re encountering a lot of social situations, chances to get into groups with other people, just by merit of the fact that you guys are doing the same sorts of things in the same sorts of places.'"

Comment Re:What's the point. (Score 1) 268

I want none of this, I want actual benchmarks that benchmark the *SYSTEMS* and not an aggregate of every single system.. I want to know scheduler throughput and latency, file system overhead, etc basicly I want deep statistics that show how well the kernels perform and not how some randomly written application performs.

Comment Re:Vulnerable by design (Score 1) 595

Correct me if I'm wrong but a single address operating system with a JIT VM within the kernel could be *faster* due to static compilation before into some sort of bytecode / machine code and than the VM can simply optimize depending on how the program is executing, something like HP's Dynamo

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