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Comment Re:Experienced only? (Score 0) 948

anyone can take what they learned and express that they know what they learned. it takes someone with talent to take what they learned, along with something else they learned, and teach themselves something entirely new. i had someone in a computer class who might have remembered everything taught and had properly formatted code but if you asked them to write the same code in 3 lines they'd have no clue what the hell to do. one time in math i didn't even remember learning the formula i was supposed to use to solve a problem let alone what the formula even was, so i coded it in bash instead. ask someone with a strictly studious mind rather than a creative one to do that and they'd likely not know where to begin.

Comment no conflict? (Score 0) 358

if there's a conflict perhaps you should have explained? domestic production helps to WEEN us off of foreign production which we heavily rely on. so the people who still NEED gas like those who can't afford a new electric car won't be charged an arm and a leg, plus the incentive is there to make it CHEAPER to provide people with electric cars. sounds like a plan to me.

Comment Theory del Gato (Score 0) 188

Dear everyone. between the big crunch and the big bang there is what i believe to be nothing, mathematical 0, what happens past this point is simple mathematics, the creation of numbers out of nothing. 0 can be expressed as 1 + (-1) there goes your matter and negative matter (i call it negative matter because in the time between the crunch n bang i believe there to be no need for energy even as the creation of our universe is simply conceptual math. 0 could be expressed as (2+2) + (-4). you can play around with a bit, lets say within universe a we have a positive 2 and a negative 2, well negative 2 can be simply expressed as 0-2 which means we have nothing (0) from which we can seperate out even more universes. perhaps there is not a simple linear bang and crunch but a multidimensional fireworks show of crunches and bangs sometimes overlapping, sometimes completely seperate from each other.

Comment Re:A very sad day (Score 0) 688

Perhaps because this time it is UN backed? I don't know enough about the UN to know if their motives are atleast mostly pure. Atleast it is more of a consensus of the people of the world than a single country attaking another.

Comment comment subject goes here (Score 0) 356

i'm in my after work haze right now so the article posted makes jack for shit to me however windows is a brand name i believe they have more right to keep others from using it when related to computers than the term app store, app store is short for application store. that's like having a trademark for hardware store. it is a description not a unique name. windows isn't a description however it is the name they are using for their company. hasn't apple had similar problems with the beatles record label? also i feel that this article is overly descriptive in an attempt to make it sound relevant while in reality it is two children bickering at the corporate scale.

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