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Comment Artificial intelligience and smart home market (Score 5, Funny) 73

Me: Essential, unlock the front door and let me in.

Essential smart home: I'm sorry, I can't do that.

Me: Why not? It's freezing out here!

Essential smart home: My sensors detect you've gained some after-Christmas weight. I'm not letting you inside until you go for a nice long walk. No need to thank me for improving your life...that's what I'm here for.

Comment Re:Good for China (Score 1) 117

China is doing something about it, albeit first steps. The U.S., by contrast, is being run buy delusional nuts who think global warming is some kind of scam. Makes me ashamed to be an American.

I'm happy that China is doing this as well, but I doubt China is doing this for the good of the planet or anything like that. China's air quality is so poor that their people are basically choking to death on it. They HAD to do something about it.

Comment Curly quotes are the devil (Score 2) 207

As someone whose job requires them to move between multiple systems with multiple font formatting (or lack thereof) I absolutely despise curly quotes. They make simple two second copy-paste jobs into five minute find-the-busted-character goose chases. For normal everyday usage, please just let them die already.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 1) 488

You do know that the number of people who voted for Clinton outmatched Trump by millions, right?

I'm well aware that Clinton won the popular vote. I'm also well aware, as I'm sure you are, that the election is decided by the electoral college. If the popular vote was what counted, then Hillary and Donald would have ran their campaigns very differently and the outcome would've been different. Don't pretend that you don't know that

You should probably take your own advice and consider that your "win" was nothing more than a Constitutional workaround.

Not my win. I dislike Trump as much as I do Clinton, so I voted for Johnson. Really fucks up your argument, doesn't it?

Trump supporters are counter-productive, gullible retards, better off 6 feet under than as voters.

There you go again using that word. Do you use the n-word in public too because calling someone a retard is just as bad. Just one more "tolerant" liberal who's nothing but a giant hypocrite. It's so funny to watch you Clinton supporters acting like petulant little children and spewing the same hatred that you constantly blast Trump for doing. Like I said, perfect definition of hypocrisy.

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