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Journal Journal: Peter Arnett 5

Peter Arnett gave this interview to Iraqi military personnel, voluntarily, just recently. I believe, Peter, that this is called "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."


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Journal Journal: Bush's speech 2

This is just a copy of what I wrote in a response in Twirlip's journal (user 615030); I thought I'd post it here, too.

I am so glad to be back stateside, after 2 years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As a result of my situation, I have mixed emotions on this upcoming action.
On the one hand, I agree totally with Bush that the Iraqi dictator must go. His 48 hours is, in my opinion, exceedingly charitable. And, it will go ignored by that buffoon in the funny hat. Bush is absolutely correct - the UN has failed in its mission, diplomacy has come to its end, and the US has the absolute right to a pre-emptive attack on someone who plans to do the same to us, without, I might add, a UN resolution to give them 'legitimacy.'

On the other hand, I have friends still in Riyadh, and I fear for their safety. The past months, things have become so tense there; just walking down the street garnered glares from the locals, and they would yell things at us; I personally know 3 people who have been physically attacked, including one woman, just because they are white and presumed American. The Saudis are too stupid to see this as what it is; they prefer to see it as a crusade of a Christian nation against a Muslim one. Nothing is ever the fault of an Arab, in the Saudi view - it is all due to the Jews, who run America, and their puppet state of Israel (or is the US the puppet state? I can never keep their bullshit straight). It is the US' fault that Hussein attacked Kuwait in the first place. And of course, we supported him at one time, so apparently anything he does from that point in time onward is also our fault.

So, God bless this endeavor, and I hope the Iraqi military leadership realizes it is doomed and airs out Hussein before someone on our team has to.

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Journal Journal: Saudi Arabia

I currently work at a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My last day of work there will be Mar. 8, flight home to follow very shortly.

I am *so* glad to be getting out of this shithole. I have never in my life seen such a bunch of ass-scratching, nose-picking, cousin-fucking, no-driving, 12-sawarma-eating, no-logical-thought-process-having, no-working, no-education-having idiots. The place is crawling with stupidity. If all the westerners here were to suddenly leave, not only would the collective IQ of the country drop by 50 points, but everything would stop.

If all the slave labor left (Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sudanese, Iritrians, Filipinos - all treated like shit by the 'good muslims' here), the country could not feed itself, and that's the Gods honest truth (Allah honest truth? Naaaah).

Saudis do not work. With a very substandard education, they want to get out of high school and get a nice job where they can have an office with their name on the door and drink tea all day. With the concept of Wasta - something like patronage, influence, or pull - many of them do get this type of job, and are unable and unwilling to function in it. There is no personal responsibility here (for a Saudi, at least).

This country produces no product, performs no service, and their people have absolutely no skills marketable in the world. They just happen to sit on large oil reserves, which they pay other people to come pull out of the ground. They preach hatred of anything non-muslim in their mosques, in their schools from grade 1, on their television and radio, in displays set up outside of grocers. They are ignorant of the world and the way it works, and prefer to put everything into two camps - us, and them; muslim, and infidel.

So, my attitude sucks, I realize it, and I'm leaving. I wish the rest of the westerners would leave too - just to see this place go back to the Bedouin ways. We should have let Saddam take over and fuck things up for a few years before getting involved.

If you ask me, we're about to start bombing about 1000km too far north....

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Journal Journal: Slashdot moderating sucks

I recently posted this message on slashdot.

Now, I can understand someone not liking it, it says something that a person of below average intelligance simply will not like, namely, that GWB won the election fair and square and whiners don't like that. Just ask Richard Daley about election rigging, if you want to talk about that.

So, instead of someone having enough testicular fortitude to argue with me (hell, even as a stupid ass AC!), I get mod'd down. What kinda chicken shit BS is that? I agree with the slogan, "there's noone more closed minded than an open minded liberal."

All I've got to say is, "Pussywillow."

(John Waters reference sanitized for your protection)

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