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Comment Re:terminal illness (Score 2) 698

Me too. Posts like this are why, every night I can (and it's rare that I can't), I come home and we eat dinner as a family, and I try to play with the kids between dinner and bedtime. Anything else I need to do, I can do after they go to bed. It can wait, because this is more important.

I guess the only advice I have, having had a father who was never around (not dead, just working long term contracts far from home) is to tell your daughter that you love her, and that you're proud of her, and that you hope she is happy, doing whatever she chooses.

I think that is the only thing that you can really count on being relevant to her life as she gets older.

Comment The fact that I am a software developer.. (Score 1) 550

As a software engineer, I've met too many other software engineers to trust software with something that is largely optional. If they screw up my eyes, I go blind and can't make a living. The alternative is that I wear glasses, which I don't view as tremendously inconvenient. Given inconvenience vs. catastrophic failure cases, I'd rather deal with the inconvenience.

Similarly, I don't like ABS or traction control on cars.

Comment Re:The fine art of male bonding. (Score 1) 962

I once got called to HR because I made a coworker cry.

My offense?

I asked her to do her job (which was as an analyst) a provide me with the formulae and rating tables necessary for me to program the insurance rate calculations which I was attempting to code.

She said that was too technical and complex and that I should call the insurance company directly.

I said no, and that she should do her job.

Comment Salae logic (Score 2, Interesting) 172

We've been using the Saleae Logic 16 - at work.It goes from 2 channels at 100MHz up to 16 channels at 12.5MHz. We use them for debugging all the low speed stuff (serial ports, I2C, SD, etc.) - basically everything but the CPU memory interface.

Their upcoming "pro" version adds analog sampling, but it is not yet out.

Comment Re:" why T-Mobile finds it profitable" (Score 1) 482

I'm still trying to get the ESN/MEID out of it.

No, it's not on the sticker under the battery.

No, it's not in the phone status.

Yes, I whacked build 7 times and turned on developer stuff.

Yes, I did ##DMMODE# to turn that on, but I'm not really certain what-all that does.

So, yeah, slightly stuck. :-)

I realize that people are trying to make money off this arcane knowledge, but it bothers me that the information is so scattered, proprietary and hidden.

I figure I'll fire up ADB and see if I can pull that info from the phone. I mean, it must know, right?

If you feel like dropping me a line with suggestions, feel free. I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Comment Re:They once were (Score 1) 757

Ignoring the "you're missing the social commentary" aspect, I present the following counter-evidence:

- Bones, CSI, NCIS, etc. focus a lot on the technology, albeit with a lot of creative liberties taken to make for good TV. However, fundamentally, the squints rule those series.
- Big Bang Theory - Sitcom with the protagonists being several scientists, an engineer and a down the hall neighbor.

Comment Re:What's missing from this article? (Score 2) 757

Point of information - right or wrong, at the time it was written, "We the people" was wealthy landowners and business-owning white men. Women and unpropertied white men weren't counted.

(That said, I agree with your point - just because you're not an engineer doesn't mean you should be restricted from acting as a sovereign citizen and exercising control over your life.)

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