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Comment Linux Mint (Score 1) 452

If I were you, I would go with Linux Mint. I really like cinnamon, and it's pretty user friendly; it's also a lot nicer to use than the abortion that is the unity desktop. I'm using the debian edition of Linux Mint 64 and it's nice to not have to deal with linux release cycles.

Before using linux mint, i was using debian 6. Stopped with deb 7 because of the unity desktop nonsense. Debian is really great otherwise, but might be a little annoying for new users.

Whatever distro you use, I would definitely use one that maintains the traditional desktop paradigm of a start(ish) menu with programs and a customizable desktop with icons that launch files and programs, etc. :-P

Comment Re:Rather something else (Score 1) 470

Voyager is all magic, I have no idea what you're talking about. I can't count the number of episodes that were solved by the damn deflector dish, or some other arbitrary solutions, nor the amount of screen time devoted to technobabbling. The problems encountered were almost all caused by magic, the situations were crazy and nonsensical, the solutions were insane, and it was all riddled with inconsistencies with itself and other treks. When it wasn't magical technology, it was magical humanity (characters who made no sense whatsoever).

Macro viruses! The Omega Directive! Cooperative Borg! Insane Janeway! Tuvix! Uggggh.

Don't forget the anti-protons.... That shit fixes everything!

Comment Yes, Minister (Score 3, Funny) 343

Courtesy of Yes, Minister:

Concerned woman: Listen, I've heard that this factory will be making the chemical that poisoned Seveso.
Jim Hacker: Now that's not true. The chemical in Seveso was dioxin. This is metadioxin.
Woman: Well that must be virtually the same thing.
Hacker: No, it's just a similar name.
Woman: It's the same name, only with 'meta' stuck on the front.
Hacker: And that makes all the difference.
Woman: Why, what does 'meta' mean?
Hacker: (baffled) What does 'meta' mean, Humphrey?
Sir Humphrey: It's quite simple. It means 'with' or 'after', sometimes 'beyond'. It's from the Greek. In other words, with or after dioxin, sometimes beyond dioxin. It depends whether it's the accusative or the genitive. With the accusative it's beyond or after, with the genitive it's with. As in Latin, of course, as you no doubt obviously recall, where the ablative is used for words needing a sense of 'with' to preceed them.
Bernard: But of course there isn't an ablative in Greek, is there Sir Humphrey?
Sir Humphrey: Well done, Bernard, well done.
Hacker: You see?
Woman: Not really, no.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Being Updated For the Wii, Due In August 50

On Friday, Nintendo revealed that the three Metroid Prime games will be re-released on a single disc this August for the Wii. The first two, originally developed for the Gamecube, will be updated so players can "use their Wii Remote to aim with precision." 1Up had this to say of their hands-on preview: "... The heads-up display and on-screen interface elements have been completely overhauled to work more effectively with the standard Wii control setup of remote and nunchuck; swapping visors is a quick point-and-click command, and toggling weapons is similarly easy. Although the control interface isn't perfect — pressing down on the D-pad to fire missiles still grates — it makes the GameCube titles feel much faster and more fluid overall."

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