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Comment Several conflict resolution strategies (Score 2) 432

Most organizations have difficult people. Some pairs of people just get on each other's nerves. Often it comes down to circumstances -- did you meet at the beginning of a stressful period? Others who remember the "good old days" may have fond memories that help them through the present. etc.

In order to build a healthy career, you have to learn how to manage these situations productively. People who master the skill get promoted.

Some advice: Don't take it personally. Don't let the problem fester. Don't be overly aggressive. Do your homework. Proceed with caution. Scout out how your peers feel about this individual. Do others have strategies for working with him? Calmly approach the other individual, talk about the issues, and make sure they understand what you perceive as inappropriate actions. Sometimes people lose track and appreciate the wake-up call (especially introverted engineers). If it is intentional, try to find out why -- maybe you can call a truce or forge an alliance. Walking away over one person sounds extreme. Can you find a new project or role that reduces your interaction with this one individual? If you have issues with numerous people than walking might be more appropriate.

I would also recommend the book "Win-Win Negotiating" by Jandt and Gillette.

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