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Comment Re:User perception (Score 1) 295

I bought the Nook Color a few months ago, when rumors of the android update were getting stronger. At first, I threw on honeycomb and froyo onto some SD cards and didn't use the Nook interface much. Then I bought a book and used the stock UI to do some reading, fell in love with it. Now that the stock interface has a lot more functionality (gmail, flash, angry birds) I don't even boot into a rom anymore. The only thing its missing, for me, is more selection in apps. I wish I could get my wifi analyzer and some other handy apps on it. I've been considering rooting it, but overall I've been very happy with it.

Comment Re:Not only graphics (Score 1) 568

I knew a guy that used a Logitech Trackman FX for FPS'. He was not very good. Granted, precision was ok, he could make fine tuned movements and with anything in front of him he could easily and quickly put the cursor on it. Turning was very limited since he had to move slowly to keep control, or flick the ball and have a hard time timing where it would stop when he stopped the ball.

Comment Re:as always depends on the person (Score 1) 557

When I was hired in my first IT job, I talked to my boss about how unhappy I was with the technology education I was receiving from my online college. He went to a university and had the exact same complaints as I did. My biggest issue is that they teach how to do something instead of why.

Click here click that, then that. If one item has changed since those books were published, the stupid students would be totally lost.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 901

I "fiddle" more with Windows than I do Linux. At least with Linux there's log files, text config files, and generally if it's broke, you broke it and have an idea of where to go to fix it. With Windows, one day it's broke, reboot and it's fine. You will never know what happened.

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