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Comment Pretty sure that's why I dumped MySpace (Score 2) 152

Not because everyone's pages were complete clusters of vomit flung on to pages, but the damn execution of music for ever page I jumped on and then when I would open eight tabs, I would have to listen to eight songs loading at once.

Facebook on the other hand was this clean cut, very professional looking website that didn't need any of these advertising dollars at the time.
Monetization wasn't a big deal at the time and the platform was solid. Fast forward a decade and we see this cluster that I left a decade earlier.

Why? Why should we deal with this bull?

Comment Re:MP3 (Score 1) 316

It's the same aspect for me as well.

In college I had thousands of MP3s, now that I am out of college and have a career, I have actually started to purchase more music.
Not that I have a lot of money to spend, just that now that I am not living off of Ramen, I think it's fair to start opening up the wallet a bit more and support the arts.

Comment Re:In other news, water gets things wet... (Score 4, Insightful) 639

The media world in a nut shell:

1. Revenue is generated off of advertising dollars
2. Advertisements sell best when you have access
3. You gain access by building a rapport with high profile interviewees.
3a. Don't say anything too controversial or you will end that rapport
3b. Create enough controversy that you get advertising dollars.
This allows for high profile interviewees such as Trump and Clinton to get glamorous interviews while spokespersons get shafted. This is also why Hillary and Trump get these polite interviews while Sanders gets more of a hard hitting interview.
4. Don't make the our company look bad.

As some of these people get a bit more clout such as Rachel Maddow, they get the opportunity to shirk some of the rules, but for the most part, you see these people abide by the rules of the media darlings so that they can build up their reputation and get more press time inside the company.

Liberal or Conservative biases aside, all work the same.

If the Democrats started attacking campaign donations aggressively like Bernie Sanders, you would see a shift in liberal bias by the media because guess who benefits from campaign donations.

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