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Comment You mean the Windows Malware Store? (Score 5, Interesting) 307

Wasn't there are article about how the majority, I believe has high as 75% of the Windows Store apps were considered malware?

I mean, sure they probably have improved their content since the days of this, but let us not forget how they let this slip not to long ago.

Comment Lacking a Product Refresh? (Score 5, Insightful) 328

Let's see, they managed to renew two models of Mac last year. The MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Everything else was stagnant. There was almost no reason at all to purchase a Mac. While the MacBook update was actually superior to the previous version, overall the update was pretty bland. It's like Henry Ford took over and said, I have the perfect car, why should I change. Granted, Intel's missteps hasn't helped either. They haven't exactly put out a homerun in the processor market since the days of SandyBridge. In the realm of the Mac Mini, their desktop actually regressed from the previous version in only have a dual core processor.

Maybe if they actually do something this year, we can get behind them and buy their products again. If not, I am certain they will continue to slide down to the level of other vendors.

Comment Re:Not worried (Score 3, Interesting) 93

As long as we continue to develop these programs, I think we have a pretty good shot at having two space worthy programs within the next two years. Our private space program has been developing for some time and several companies are getting in on the action. At some point, the US might be be the go-to country for LEO travel. Right now this is dependent on the Trump Administration and their decision to move forward with the existing programs or adapting the existing programs. If they recklessly abandon them as some administrations have done in the past, we could be begging India or China for a ride in the near future.

SpaceX still has some work to do yet, but I see Boeing as also being a competitor and with the Sierra Nevada team chasing them to try and get in on the action, the potential of having at least two out of three programs getting us to ISS and possibly prolonging or building the next ISS.

NASA still has the SLS to look forward to and move us into manned deep space. Even if that only ends up putting us on the Moon, it will be a good program for research that might put us in the rightful lead of the world as far as space exploration. I feel Russia is superior in longevity and actual logged manned space travel but NASA leads in exploration overall. I would like to see the US take the manned travel crown too.

Comment Re:great news (Score 1) 238

This is a bit of a kick in the shorts to me as well. I have a 2 TB Time Capsule which has done a great job over the years. I plan to beef up it's storage, but if they call it quits, I am going to have to abandon ship and move over to something else.

I am thinking I want a Check Point Wireless 730 unit. If I am going to have to upgrade, I might as well look ton security and VPN as well.

Comment Re:I am not ashamed of being white. (Score 1, Troll) 427

I am.

These racist idiots aren't giving me a lot of reasons to be proud.

Although if the black community has to answer for black on black crime, then the White crime. That's how I feel. So yes, I am ashamed that idiots that I knew growing up continue to be race hating morons.

It's hard to tell my girlfriend that the idiot who told her to go back to her country, is an isolated incident.

Comment I cancelled months ago (Score 1) 213

I want to enjoy television, but all of this walled garden crap has to end. There are more content providers producing original content which require me to subscribe to multiple services which I don't have money for or time to enjoy.

The only thing I currently have is Amazon Prime and the only reason I have it is because I get other Amazon services for free. I could care less about their selection although it is improving. I am not going to subscribe to any of these services and while I am falling behind on my pop culture references, I will have to just learn to adapt.

Another user referenced Youtube Lectures, which is good until YouTube pulls their walled garden crap. Hulu already seems to want to do the same thing which ended my subscription with them.
In other news, books are still around and I feel a bit more accomplished having read through one of them instead of losing hours watching lame or rehashed plots of television shows.

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