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Comment Re:"Threatens"? (Score 1) 376

the design of the things will encourage, if not require, Internet connectivity to work

And that's precisely the point at which one should vote with their pocketbook whether or not they want such features to be mandatory.

As consumers, hell, as human beings, we do have the power to protest things. We don't have to just lay down and say this type of "progress" can't be stopped. Otherwise, be prepared to buy antivirus software for your toaster, and have Google profiling how dark you like your toast.>/p>

Comment Not strictly a WiFi issue (Score 1) 191

I noticed just recently that my Windows 10 machine wasn't connecting to either the wired or wireless networks when I moved between home and office. IP addresses were defaulting to Microsoft's range, as happens on Windows when DHCP attempt fails. Doing ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew would restore operation.

The problem seems to stem from "fast startup" being enabled under Control Panel -> Power Options -> Choose what the power buttons do. With this feature enabled, performing a shutdown doesn't really shutdown the computer, it basically just hibernates. I'm not terribly surprised that acquiring an IP address, hibernating the machine, then waking from hibernation on a different network might cause a networking issue, but for whatever reason this wasn't causing any problem until just recently.

Comment Trying to Help (Score 2) 468

I don't profess to have any crystal ball into the future, or even deep understanding of the ever-evolving world of economics, but I do understand that people need jobs. Despite the increasing capabilities of today's machines, we're a long way of from sitting back and letting technology take care of our needs.

I believe in trying to help in little ways. For example, I don't use self-checkout machines at the supermarket, even if it means I have to stand in line. I don't want to help eliminate someone's job. I have similar feelings about self-serve gas pumps, bank machines, and cleaning up my own table when leaving a fast-food restaurant.

Are my efforts misguided and futile? Perhaps. Nevertheless, I believe that just because a thing CAN be done, that doesn't mean it SHOULD be done. I don't want to see wider replacement of human workers unless something else develops to mitigate further impoverishment of the working class.

Comment FTA (Score 1) 137

Now every man must come at times to the aid of the party through the general precept that ethical behavior demands support of the community. It is by reason of erroneous reasoning of this kind that we become unjust and in general evil, or worse, slytherins;

That's gold baby. GOLD!

Comment Re:We're all prostitutes (Score 0) 280

No, you are not a prostitute. You are an employee. To equate the two on a broad level is to completely belie the stigmatized, demeaning, and health-endangering servitude that prostitutes endure.

Don't try to suggest that your white-collar job is anywhere near as bad as having some fat, disgusting stranger put his unwashed dick in your mouth.

Comment Re:Maybe they shouldn't be using the largest... (Score 1) 127

It is so tedious hearing people trot out this rationale. If a majority of people switched to "a variant on Unix", it would then BECOME the "largest virus attack vector".

And don't kid yourself that your OS of choice is intrinsically more secure simply because it's not Windows.

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