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Comment Re: Oh, they're a big company, (Score 1) 527

I'll have you know that /. is still one of the premier tech info forums.

There are no more notable forums of that size, AND paid shills post ON FUCKING 4CHAN. /. >> 4chan when it comes to tech info.

So, all your points are m00t and void.

You speak like a shill.

Comment Re:Oh, they're a big company, (Score 1) 527

No, they will not.

Expected user behaviour if you want to maintain your system is review what each and individual update does (KB article) and having identified all Windows 7 upgrade and telemetry updates, unchecking them, and hiding them (right click / hide update).

Works fine with me. Woe be unto he who does not know which exact updates are malicious, because if you allow one, they will be possible to purge only with specialized 3rd party apps (yes there are such apps).

Submission + - "The Internet Has A SuperPAC," says Steve Wozniak, about Lessig's Mayday.US (mayday.us)

Funksaw writes: Steve Wozniak, co-found of Apple computer, has come out to endorse Lawrence Lessig's MAYDAY PAC in an animated audio recording.

Mayday.US, formerly "MayOne.US," is Lessig's crowd-funded (citizen-funded!), kick-started Super PAC to end all Super PACs.

In the video, Wozniak points out that we're never going to get anywhere on issues important to the Internet community and technology advocates if we don't fix the root cause of corruption. The video can be found at the Mayday PAC's new landing page, "theInternetHasASuperPAC.com"

Comment Re:The Matrix is to blame (Score 1) 686

To me, agming is better than sex.

I mean sex is very, very good, but I cannot have sex for multiples of 12 hour runs at times, all the while having sustained fun that is purely intellectual. Sex just cannot provide that, it only provides a release from tension, in a metaphysical, and very pleasurable sense.

If sex was best in life, humans (those pesky men actually, damn those sex-less engineers) would never have built cities

Comment 5 main considerations (Score 1) 686

1. Most of the worlds evolved more to fantasy-like societies, like special-ability oriented, earthbound. For what we may know, special biological abilities akin to magic are norm, and tech is a deviation. (Total speculation).

2. Societies have space travel, but are very introverted in general and live inside mental macrocosm, rather than (space) macrocosm. (Read: "The Pod and the Barrier", by Theodore Sturgeon for what I'm referencing here)

3. There exists force that is extremerly dominant and prevents any free interstellar travel. May be active, may be passive relics, may be programmed bots/nanobots. (I think this one is highly likely, because it is extremely probable that some societies have say, at least ~10 million year technological headstart over others, and that is, paradigm-changing (pardon the word). We may not even understand such technology, and it unavoidably has, perfect cloaking, because at this point it would be trivial. We may already have invisible aliens among us, and we'd be none the wiser. In this case advertising our presence by use of nuclear weapons / other stupid activities (EM footprint, may be easily identifiable / detectable) may be a very, very bad idea, in case they are hostile / exploiter type.

4. Luck, which I think is totally unlikely.

5. They may already have left footprint (may be likely ?), if you think it's not the case, then explain the artifacts on Earth (pyramids all over the world aligned in certain directions (would require 1 world civilization which organizes building of them all to certain precise measurements, for all we know, they may not have been built by savage natives (pharaohs), but rather claimed by them by scribbling their writ on them), Moon being very peculiar distance from Earth and having very peculiar measurements, various reported phenomena found in coal mines reportedly hundreds of millions of years old (hard to prove, but interesting nonetheless)). DO NOT DISCOUNT WHAT IM SAYING HERE, IT IS NOT ALL CLEAR CUT AND IS NOT ALL"WOO CONSPIRACY". There are too many outliers found for them all to be natural deviations of a single civ (ours).

After all the considerations, same things apply even if light speed barrier is unbroken, because with high automation, you need only max 70K-100K years at lightspeed to totally map the galaxy, so if any civ existed in our galaxy, it is a certainty in statistical sense that it visited Earth either as bots, or living creatures.

All of the above is wild speculation taken with large doses of salt or soy sauce, your preference.

Submission + - Sherpas Contemplate Strike after Everest Disaster

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Three days have passed since an avalanche killed at least 13 Sherpas as they carried gear for international expedition groups in the worst single-day death toll in the mountain’s history. Now the NYT reports that disappointed at the Nepali government’s offer of 40,000 rupees, or about $408, as compensation for the families of the dead, some Sherpas gathered at Everest’s base camp proposed a “work stoppage” that could disrupt or cancel the 334 expeditions planned for the 2014 climbing season and more than 300 Sherpas have signed a petition to the Nepalese government saying that Everest summit attempts should be suspended this year out of respect for the dead. They also asked the government — which takes in $3.3 million a year in Everest climbing fees alone — to increase work death benefits to $10,000 from the current $400, cover medical costs for injuries sustained while climbing and provide disability benefits. “Sherpas are the backbone of Mount Everest expeditions, but the government neglects them,” says Mingma Sherpa, a mountaineering entrepreneur.

The tension promises to heighten when groups of Sherpas plan to carry the bodies of their dead colleagues through the streets of Katmandu, Nepal’s capital. Members of the ethnic group are the backbone of the Himalayan adventure-tourism industry, where they work as guides, porters and climbers. Many of the international commercial teams still at the base camp are weighing whether to continue their push to the summit or abandon their expeditions. Everest is attracting more climbers each year, most of them members of groups that pay professional Western guides to lead them up the mountain. Clients prepare for months or years, often investing tens of thousands of dollars, and some experts said they would be unlikely to turn around. “I don’t think this is going to slow down the machine, which will escalate through May,” said David Roberts, a climber and the author of several books about climbing. “Even though it is the greatest tragedy in the history of Everest, right now at base camp they are saying, ‘This is a tragedy, but we have paid all this money to get here.’ ”

Comment Because it is not science. (Score 1) 846

It is political partisanship, political agenda, and new cult of Malthusians.

Statements follow:

1.Climate change exists. Of course, it always existed.

2. We live in mid-low ice age.

3. Ice ages are bad for civilisation, Global warming is good for civilisation. While cold, there is no Civ, only war, while warm, there decreases parts of livable land insignificantly, instead, food-producing and otherwise unlivable land increases significantly (Siberia et al.)

4. Whether GW is Anthropogenic is a discussion, but if yes, we need more of it. Humans are doing very good in burning oil during mini-ice age, lest we lapse again to it (and unavoidable wars and scarcity and death that would follow).

5. For politicians, cold, scarcity and death is good, because it leads to wars and strenghtening of holders of political powers.

Comment No, it's actually (Score 0) 457

the fact that the average common denominator for intelligent discussion dropped markedly and measurably in the mentioned span of time.

Now you have to WORK to find a good, intelligent circle, and then work doubly hard to protect it from casuals..

This has to do with the fact that before, only academics and at least computer enthusiasts and hardcore geeks used the internet.

Now, Biff "uses" it too.

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