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Comment Our climate has always changed. It's not new. (Score 1) 708

Humans haven't caused the climate to change or warm. The planet has been in a warming cycle for the last 50,000 years. The current Global Warming or Climate change only takes into account the human activity for the last couple hundred years. The planet on an average has been significantly hotter and colder than where it currently is over the course of the life of the planet. We as good custodians of the planet should not pollute, pure and simple. Why? Simply because this is our ONLY home, we should keep it in as good of a condition as we can. It is in our best interest to do so. Our contributions to our planet are having an impact and will continue to do so unless we change our direction. The planet will be here long after we are gone and life will most likely continue as it has in the past. But that future may not have humans in it unless we change and evolve. At the rate we are going, I see our own extinction within the next 200 years.

Comment portable drives are the way to go. (Score 1) 99

I have a server at home with several 40TB of space. When I go someplace for an extended time I use a 2TB USB 3 portable drive. I can connect it to my devices when needed. Why use some place as insecure as the cloud? Why give companies a look into your business, because it is none of their business to be in my business. There is no need for that kind of connectivity, there are plenty of cheaper options that are way more secure.

Comment It's a choice not a disability (Score 1) 625

Except for a very few whom have medical issues. The majority of us, including myself, became overweight due to eating more calories that we could ever burn thanks to processed foods that contain high sugary content. Sodas are a huge contributor, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is in just about everything. Look at the ingredients. I didn't get the way I am overnight, it happened over several years...I am in the process of losing weight, which means diet modification and exercise. I have given up all sugary drinks. I am no longer eating processed foods. You would be surprised at how much weight you can shed by making simple choices. SODAs were the single biggest contributor to my weight. Obesity rates are a result of choice. People choose to be this way and not holding ones self accountable for your actions.

Comment There is no such thing as free to play (Score 1) 181

I've played many so called, Freemium, F2P, naseum. The new breed of FB games are there to milk the mark, er end user, out of as much cash as possible by charging for a number of moves or lives or even levels.

There is a certain kickstarter game that is doing very well and it could potentially be a new model. A Pay to Develop model, where as it matches like minded users with programmers to make a product they like.

The F2P community for the most part is rabid about insisting they are playing for free. Maybe so to a point, but eventually you succumb to paying for, a horse..then it becomes easier to buy other items, like weapons, armor, dying kits, houses...What this group doesn't realize, that EA does is it is a more profitable model, hence the mark is paying more to play than in a subscription model.

I don't have a problem with companies making money, we all need to make money for our various reasons, but I also believe in fair use. The subscription model is fair use, the F2P guise is milking the people a little at a time over a broad spectrum. Hook and reel in the fish.

I used to think we gamers were a very smart group of people, but I've decided that most gamers of today are like the rest of the sheep of the world, they don't have any math skills to figure out when they are being swindled. There is no such thing as free. It costs something to make and investors expect a return on investment and to think otherwise is insanely stupid.

Comment Drug Dealing behavior (Score 1) 226

Drug dealers give out samples of their products, only enough to get you addicted, so you keep coming back to them. Microsoft apparently isn't any better than a drug dealer when it comes to their own profit margins. They are sort of hypocritical though. They will only show you the programming interface when you actually BUY the product. This is as it seems on the surface, a way to get cheap labor and nothing more. Why pay American programmers six figures then you can get the job done in a third world country for one quarter of those wages.

Comment Re:Groklaw has a pretty good article. (Score 2) 472

Microsoft's mantra is well known. Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish as first introduced in the United States v. Microsoft antitrust trial when the vice president of Intel, Steven McGeady, testified that Microsoft vice president Paul Maritz used the phrase in a 1995 meeting with Intel to describe Microsoft's strategy toward Netscape, Java, and the Internet. Same old evil Microsoft.

Comment There is a very simple fix for this issue (Score 1) 854

Simply vote with you're wallet. When we refuse to buy that repackaged sequel goo the companies will respond by giving in to our demands or see their precious green evaporate in their quarterly earnings statement. But I fear there are too many who will blindly bite on the company hype line...but wait there's more! What would it hurt to not purchase say Halo x?

Comment We are just cells (Score 1) 212

The edge of our universe is the cell membrane, which is why it registers as background radiation. Other galaxies are just atoms that make our cell composition up. We are nothing more than part of a larger organism. You know that feeling you get when you feel like you are under a microsocpe? Maybe you are...

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