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Comment all work the same (Score 1) 386

I use unity, gnome3, win7,8,10, and osx all the same way. I remove as many non-background things as I can. Then I hit some key or keys and begin to type what app I want to start, like brow... Or term... Then I pick one with the arrow keys and hit enter. Given that my use case doesn't really favor any particular choice I have trouble understanding the heat in these discussions. What does Cinnamon do (or not do) that gnom3 fails at?

Comment order (Score 1) 332

I have never created a correct design without prototyping it first in the same language it will be developed in. I am possibly just really bad at design and architecture but I see people sticking with bad architecture all the time when the language forces them to be completely unambiguous about there thoughts. I see this a lot. My preference is to brainstorm then jump straight to coding a prototype. When the prototype passes the prototype passes my prototype tests I take credit for finishing the design. If they knew it worked they would want to ship. Then I write it again with lessons learned and call the code 25% complete. Then I write the design with lessons learned and call the code 50% complete. Finally I write the code a third time with further lessons leaned and declare code complete and move on to formal test. I deliver on time because even though this seems backwards and excessive it is faster (for me at least) than trying to think it out in advance without prototyping and then being stuck with a bad architecture that has to be updated (if they let me).

Comment required (Score 1) 311

In my state it is required to tell the officer if you are concealed carrying when stopped. The officer just asks where it is in my experience. And if you are carrying you hand the officer both licenses. When your DL is run it will show you have a carry license though. I have heard it makes them a little nervous if you don't tell them you had one. So I always hand over both even when I am not carrying.

Comment quake c (Score 1) 515

I started typing in programs from byte magazine into a commodore 64 while sitting on phone books so I could reach the keyboard. I then picked up C, x86 asm, pascal and c++ in that order but when quale came out it had a compiler that made replacement dlls from quake-c. Looking at that code as an example and modding it to make tame shoggoths and super weapons imprinted me with my coding "style". Different paradigms (oo functional etc.) don't really change what is my core balance between simplicity readability maintainability and performance.

Comment money (Score 1) 314

This isn't about terrorism or surveillance. This is much more boring and insidious. Look at her donor list. Five defense contractors in the top 15 each with "cyber war" divisions. Someone will have to build this new backdoored encryption and it will cost at least a few hundred million. Northrop Grumman is one of her and Burrs top donors. I predict NG wins a very carefully run competition for the contract.

Comment not complete and not enough (Score 1) 397

That hamburger isn't enough calories for a day. Even two wouldn't be. You wouldn't be getting enough choline or fiber and the fat content and types would be a bit off. You can get close to soylent for 3 a day using subsidized products like corn and milk along with a multivitamin. But getting enough choline without getting too much of something else is quite hard without lots of soy lecithen. We can't even define what a natural diet is. It varies from region to region but what doesn't vary is that none of those diets were optimal. They were just what we could get in the area we lived in. I like this project because unlike sugar bomb meal replacements that were already out there it is all about what your body needs long term. We don't know what that is yet but experimentation will get us closer than looking at historical diets due to the aforementioned reasons.

Comment illegal but safe (Score 1) 1197

Birdshot doesn't hurt people on the way down. It wouldn't even mar paint on cars. It has a surface area to mass ratio that makes it have very poor velocity retention. That said, you are completely correct about the legal ramifications. In almost any municipality in the US discharging a firearm, airgun, or bow is quite illegal. Blow darts seem to be an often overlooked category but they would probably call it an air rifle. If you are outside an incorporated municipality, such as when the burbs spread faster than they are annexed, you can shoot all you want in most counties, as long as the projectile does not cross a roadway, so shoot almost straight up and you would be fine.

Comment yes (Score 1) 1197

On your property you should be able to shoot a surveillance drone that does not have a warrant that you have been notified of. Unless you are inside the limits of a municipality that decides that the discharge of a firearm is illegal inside city limits, which is pretty much all of them. Sounds like this guy was. If it was my daughter getting creeped I would be willing to eat the charges, but I would probably look into a more technical solution that would be legal.

Ideally you'd want to bring the drone down on your own property with plausible deniability that it was malfunction. You cannot legally search the contents of the drone's camera in many jurisdictions, and some of them do not even record locally. But when the controller shows up to claim it, you can ask for access to the video to verify that the drone is actually owned by that person and went down in your yard, being polite about it, just don't want to give it back to the wrong person you know. If they act shifty you know they were creeping, and if they give access and it is all staring at your swimsuited daughter you A.) call the police right then and there or B.) cause grave harm and then call the police.

The devices to bring down drones would probably be considered to violate the FCC, but it would be very hard to prove that you used one, and they will be popping up soon because of things like this. Running a microwave with the door off and the interlock disabled while pointing it at the drone would my first effort. But if that didn't work, some effort with an SDR would be needed and that would be late to need, so green laser pointer (probably even more illegal than a shotgun at this point), would be the next route. Shotguns are pretty safe when pointed up, they just don't have enough energy to do any damage on the way down if you use birdshot.

Comment made fun of? (Score 3, Insightful) 371

People didn't make fun of him, they got him fired. I am in favor of shaming people for incorrect behavior that is still legal behavior. But I don't think we should limit ourselves to socially unacceptable views on women and ethical or sexual minorities. We need to shame politicians and business people that give the appearance of impropriety in their dealings too. And we should be proportional in our response. If someone makes a bad joke, and then softens it when they realize it was a bad joke, we shouldn't get them fired, we should humiliate them for "acting like an ass in public" and watch them more closely to see if they are acting like an ass consistently towards people they work with. The latter is grounds for firing someone, but not a different sense of humor. Even if he was a misogynist, racist, homophobe, it wouldn't really matter as long as he treated all his coworkers with respect and based all decisions on merit. People are allowed to be stupid, and we are allowed (and encouraged) to laugh at them, but not fire them.

Comment which part (Score 1) 345

C++ is a decent language to choose for many types of projects, and which pieces of the language depends on which type of project that is.

Embedded applications: There are several sets of best practice for embedded or hard real time c++, no exceptions (unbounded latency), no dynamic memory allocation (fragmentation), no dynamic casting (unbounded latency), no recursion and on and on. There actually seems to be a bit of consensus on this best practice, but it varies with the constraint of your particular system and if it needs some safety committee's approval.

Systems programming (OS or driver): I have never read any best practice documents for this, but the code I have read all looks like C with classes. few or no templates show up I've noticed.

Large scale performance critical stuff (games among other things): Widely varying best practice statements and all sorts of different coding, I have no idea.

Scientific (matlab but faster): who cares, you just want the answer, not the software, right? Don't read this stuff, it hurts. but it usually works.

I always look forward to /. c++ posts. I know I'm being clickbaited by Nerval's but its sooo fun!

Comment Physics too (Score 1) 444

This article has some more details on the specific error modes. The examples given in physics involve processing collider result data. When the researchers knew what they were looking for they found it reproducibly. When they didn't have any preconceived notions it was discovered that it was a false positive. Some of these biomed and psych studies were the basis of policy and went un reproduced for years. This is a real problem, we should look for solutions.

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