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Comment Re:arrest the banksters (Score 1) 418

There was no lying involved.
If you read the prospectus of FB before the IPO, it was clear that it already had market saturation and wasn't growing. The risks they outlined for the company was the majority of the prospectus.
And then they raised the target for the IPO. Anyone buying into that wasn't being lied to. They were just plain ignorant.

Comment Re:Heinlein Juvies. (Score 1) 726

Turns out he has the same "useless superpower" that I have -- the ability to read freakishly fast.

I want that superpower! Seriously, I read freakishly slow and I like to read. The result is that my wife can finish a dozen books by the time I finish one.
I've tried all of those speed-reading books and exercises but they usually result in me not having any idea what I just read, which doesn't make reading enjoyable.

Comment Re:I work in the advertising industry (Score 1) 283

then taxes would go up quite a bit for everyone, even people who don't watch much TV.

I agree.

I don't even have a TV. I'd be pretty pissed having to pay a tax so we don't have advertising. Even if that were the case, they'd just put advertising directly in the show (more than they already do). It would feel worse than watching an infomercial.

I'm also surprised that Canadians don't complain about having to pay a CRIA tax on recordable CD/DVD media. Over my childhood I bought so many spindles of CDs and DVDs for backups or moving data (high bandwidth, high latency). I'd be pissed if that was making lawyers rich.

How about people just pay for what they use and stop offloading it to the government to manage.

Comment Re:And they wonder why there's so much piracy ... (Score 1) 392

Autodesk also phones home for their AutoCAD products. It is very annoying.
I recommend people to install it in a VM and disable the networking (if they need files or sharing between computers, that can be enabled, but can disable internet access).
I think I will recommend a similar thing for Adobe products, not because of phone home but because they don't fix security issues, so allowing their product to access the net is a risk.

Comment Old code (Score 1) 109

From the confirmation on VMware site

Yesterday, April 23, 2012, our security team became aware of the public posting of a single file from the VMware ESX source code and the possibility that more files may be posted in the future. The posted code and associated commentary dates to the 2003 to 2004 timeframe.

So, they have an 8-9 year old version of the source code. That is ESX version 2/2.5, right? If that is the case, not much was lost and most of the code has changed. This is before hardware virtualization and even 64-bit support.
Unless the hacker posts something indicating a newer version, then there doesn't seem much to worry about.

Comment Re:Tell us who it was. (Score 2) 176

Well, they did it behind his back without contacting him. (Reset your password sounds like it is after the fact).
And in addition to that, they got all the details of his site:

But what I find amazing is filling out NIL for account number and tax ID with a phone # of "519" and this is approved to transfer contacts and results in the release of account information?

That sounds like a phisher's dream to make it that easy. Of course the phisher wouldn't be real info in the new contact section (as long as it can result in the release of username/new password).

Comment In google's interest (Score 3, Insightful) 299

A lot of the SEO sites have very low actual value in them. They are avoided by any humans with 10% of a brain.
This dilutes Google's actual value as a search engine.
If they change how sites are rated to raise usable content-rich sites, then people are more likely to view the site and maybe actually click on an ad and maybe buy something.

Comment Re:Ablation (Score 1) 168

It isn't as if all that toner makes it to the page when you are printing either.
I'd refuse to be in an office anywhere close to where a printer is frequently used

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