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Comment Re:This is why Ubuntu has stability problems (Score 1) 382

Ubuntu has a very controlled release methodology -

LTS (Long Term Support) releases like 8.04LTS and 10.04LTS which are stable, and supported and suitable for the enterprise or servers for 5 years.
The other releases, are committed to advancing features and functions, and are generally pretty stable, but they will yank something out form time to time. Just pick the right version, and you're good to go.

Submission + - This worm came out of my nose, help identify it ( 3

np_bernstein writes: I'm at narita airport on my way back home from Los Angeles after a terrible few days. I was on vacation in Thailand (1 week in phuket, 1 week in chiang mai). A few days ago, I started getting shooting, terrible pains in my face, through my sinuses, cheek, and jaw. After a excruciatingly painful, sleepless night, assuming I had an ear or sinus infection, I blew my nose, and this worm came out (see link to flickr page). I went to the hospital immediately, and had blood, stool diagnostics done, and a sinus xray as well. The doctors said they had never seen it before, and gave me coloration != causation, and said they thought it was a pinched nerve. They gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. I want to rule this thing out though, so I'm hoping that someone out there is a biologist, or a doctor who knows a bit about parasites. I've got to cool my heels here for another eight hours until my flight and then it's another ten or so until I can get to an american doctor. They didn't give me enough pain killers, and I'm pretty certain I'm in for an awful day if the pain when the painkillers wears off is any indication, so slashdot, please — tell me what the hell that creature is that came out of my nose.

Comment Cifs file auditing & NAS Servers (Score 1) 237

I'm only familiar enough with netapp out of the nas/san vendors to feel like I can speak authoritatively, but netapp has a feature to audit cifs (windows file sharing) access/modification. Throw "cifs file auditing" into google and you'll get some results. This will only really give you auditing at the first level of access, if someone accesses it legitimately and then passes it on you're out of luck, but you'll have a list of who accessed the initial file at least, which may be enough.

Anyway, YMMV, but if you've already got netapp or some other storage vendor, it might be worth looking into.

Comment Don't you pay a lot of money for teachers? (Score 1) 418

College isn't cheap - and in most cases certainly isn't free (even if it is, someone's paying) - so why the heck are you turning to slashdot when you've got someone who teaches the course you could ask. If they're too busy to field the question then you should be yelling at someone about not getting your money's worth.

Just my 2Â,


Submission + - Big brother is watching you drive (

np_bernstein writes: "I initially heard about this on Seattle's Local NPR station: The Seattle-Tacoma bridge's Speedpass travel data will be available for 8.5 years to Law enforcment & subpoena. This just seems like an unnecessary exposition of private data, and potentially sets a precident for storing other electronic traffic data like Traffic Signals. Fortunately it's only speed pass users, so is in a sense "opt in".

Each time a driver uses the Good to Go automatic toll transponder system, a series of cameras will snap 24 photos of the vehicle as a computer system creates a record detailing the date and time of the trip. ... Drivers can request their own toll information from the Transportation Department, she said. Under state law, the only other people with access will be law enforcement investigators who subpoena the data and attorneys who request the data through court order, Matkin said.

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