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Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 665

I suppose, then, my response is for the NY Times author more than for Ms. Keating :)

I just find this whole idea of "OMG the music industry will collapse if musicians only make money from live performances" to be utterly asinine. As if musicians were born the moment recording contracts were invented or something...

Comment Re:Of course, prior to mid 1800s (Score 1) 252

You're off by a century. The witch hunts were back in the late 1700s. In addition to that, they were hardly a product of a "private police force". Modern police forces are in no way immune to the witch hunt mentality (McCarthy, anyone?).

Also, private detectives were an integral part of the public police force even into the early 1900s.

Comment Re:Transition period (Score 1) 113

I had the same problem with that large bank (many years ago before I dropped them like a bad habit). It turns out that the geniuses at Large Bank in America decided there should be two separate "addresses" for you, both changeable online, but in two completely separate places. One address for your account, and one address for your mail. Please don't ask me to explain that in a way that makes any sense.

Comment Re:Stop selling debt to China (Score 2) 269

I have often made similar statements to people who think the President has way more power than he does, but you have gone too far in the other direction. The Executive branch has grown to a size of epic proportions and the President has full authority over it. The war on drugs, the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS are all prime examples.

Comment How about we cut the subsidies, first? (Score 5, Insightful) 891

I'm not necessarily against taxing gasoline. However, before we start using a gasoline tax as a tool to force people to behave a certain way, maybe we should consider eliminating the billions of dollars of subsidies given to the oil industry so that we can see the *true* price of gasoline?

(NY Times on oil subsidies:

All the posters here keep crying about how "the open market" has failed, but we aren't in an open market, so that is nonsense.

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