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Amazon still uses pages for their oncall, because pagers still have a better SLA than cellphones. However, it comes at a price: their communications are unencrypted, and work on a broadcast basis. Also, they don't do a store-and-forward type thing (their "redundancy" is done by just broadcasting each message a certain number of times spaced apart), so if you're outside of the coverage area when a page goes off you'll never get it (unlike with SMS where most carriers will hold on to it until it's been delivered) so it's still not totally reliable. Personally I would recommend setting up a Twilio app that sends the message to email and SMS, and if not responded to within a certain period of time, starts calling phone numbers and using their text-to-speech API.

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I love how lately people are trying really hard to look like they're reading my LinkedIn profile before contacting me (and going so far as to contact me via an email address listed on a site linked to from said profile), but they don't even bother to get my first name right or proofread to the extent of even noticing red squiggles underneath obvious tpyos.

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I see it as being beneficial mostly to the vast majority of web designers who don't actually know HTML and just export stuff directly from DreamWeaver or whatever. Also, I haven't looked at this particular player, but I would hope it has a nicer set of controls than the default HTML5 video container's controls.

Comment Slashdot: so dense it causes singularities (Score 5, Insightful) 139

Nearly everyone seems to be missing the point to this. It's not something the user installs, it's something that content providers use to provide their video on the server side. This is a GOOD THING - it makes it much easier for websites to transition to HTML5 without alienating users who don't have HTML5-capable browsers.

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