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Comment Re:Flawed (Score 1) 259

I can see this being a big problem for business users too.

We issue all files to external parties as pdfs/dwfs so they're basically read only, but there's a tracker reference for internal use which is on this, and I've seen this a lot before too, so I imagine that it could expose something that is supposed to be locked away for contractual reasons to being accessed, modified and distributed.

We also use XP, some essential software can't handle 64 bit xp, nevermind Win 7, so we're stuck here for a while at least (or until Microsoft stops supporting XP, and everyone is forced to switch. The sooner the better).

Comment 20 - 40, Mostly CVs (Score 1) 297

a lot of architecture firms ask for hard copies, or prefer to see a hard copy of a portfolio, even though it's an a4 print of an a3 document, so not the best way to even present it.

I probably sent out 120 CV's via email though with the same attachment, emails had a higher amount of replies.

Comment Re:Oh, look! (Score 1) 888

Depends on the airline you take. The restriction was in place in 2006 briefly, lifted, but many Airlines have kept it. I've been stopped at the gate with a shopping bag and told to get rid of it, or repack my carry on (ironic, considering the security questions).

As for bins, there are loads in airports, but you'll be hardpressed to find them in train stations.

Comment Re:Oh, look! (Score 4, Informative) 888

Europe has locked down it's train stations a bit, especially London, and in the UK, largely, you won't find a bin in a train station. In Glasgow Central you have to throw your rubbish on the floor, and someone sweeps it up.

Airports are a different matter. Airlines used the one bag security restriction to limit people to one piece of hand luggage permanently (maybe this was only a UK restriction, and it's been largely lifted now, but I think it's still in place in some airports), so you can't even bring a handbag and a shopping bag, or a handbag and a piece of luggage aboard the plane (it does seem to unfairly target women).

There's also the restrictions on luggage, photos at the gates, searches etc, but it's been years since I flew to America, so I don't know how bad it is in comparison.

Elsewhere in Europe, it's not as bad, but the UK is Americanised in more ways than one.

Comment Will They Ever Get to Try This? (Score 1) 259

This can't be legal, especially under any sane consumer protection laws. I really can't see them ever getting to try this, especially in the EU, where for anything Microsoft do, there's a team of lawyers waiting for the chance to fine them for it.

On the other hand though, sometimes I like to think that Microsoft go around patenting bad ideas to protect them, not for their own use, but to stop someone really malignant from using them in the real world. How on earth does one determine influence anyway?

Comment Re:change is good (Score 1) 226

Is this a joke?

Today's rich will still be tomorrow's rich, and are probably the best equipped to ride out the recessions.

Today's banks are going to be tomorrow's banks, or if not, will have been bought up by larger banks, see Santander.

The logic you've used is like saying that fires are good, because they mean new houses will have to be built.

Comment Re:Music, Movies, Books,.. Museums next (Score 4, Informative) 345

El Prado, Spain's biggest museum offers high resolution reproductions of its collection through google earth, and probably elsewhere too. They're such high quality you can get down to brush strokes.

Although IMO, there's something about seeing the painting/art work in person that can't be replaced by viewing it on a monitor. Something is lost if you see it on screen, especially if the space that you visit it in is repurposed or designed for the piece in question. This especially applies to sculpture.

Comment Re:How about audio? (Score 1) 291

If you're running a mac and have all your files in an itunes library, then Dupin is extremely useful. It matches on name, size, length, bit rate, or all at once.

It's pretty useful, and the freeware version lets your delete from drive as well as library.

If you're on windows, I searched for years and couldn't find anything :(

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