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Comment Re:Nintendo is destroying Sony? (Score -1, Redundant) 273

Funny you should mention Apple, because I just found an article written by Malstrom in September 2006, where he talks about how Nintendo looked at how Apple disrupted Sony's portable music business, and decided to do the same thing for the gaming business. As you may notice, the article was written before the Wii was launched, and basically predicts Nintendo's dominance (and Sony's demise in the gaming industry, which has not yet happened of course).

Check out the archive for more from Malstrom. Again, much of this was written before the sales numbers were in. Malstrom was basically spot-on with most of the things he wrote back then.

Comment Re:Nintendo may be king of sinking ship? (Score -1, Redundant) 273

You know, I can't help linking to this guy Malstrom's blog. I must come across as some kind of fanboy drone, but then again, so do the Apple fans who think Apple is going to destroy Nintendo.

Malstrom is the guy who predicted the Wii's dominance even before it was launched, and explained exactly how and why.

Comment Re:Why the 3DS is relevant here (Score -1, Redundant) 273

By the way, Malstrom wrote this in September 2006, before the Wii was released. It talks about Apple destroying Sony in the portable music market, and Nintendo using Apple as a "role model" to destroy Sony in the gaming market. Again, this is from 2006, and before the Wii was released. Malstrom predicted, already at that point, that Nintendo would dominate this generation. He also predicted that they would destroy Sony.

Comment Re:Why the 3DS is relevant here (Score -1, Redundant) 273

If you read the post, the 3DS is just one part of Nintendo's alleged desire to destroy Sony. Maybe Malstrom is exaggerating, but it certainly makes things interesting :)

I don't see how it supports Sony's push either. This is on a handheld, without glasses. And without emphasis on fancy graphics. The emphasis is on the experience. Sony is pushing it on TVs with strange glasses, and keep emphasizing the graphics and how wonderful the technology is.

Comment Re:Nintendo is destroying Sony? (Score 0, Redundant) 273

You don't know the concept "hardcore gaming"? Hardcore gamers want excellent graphics, a huge and intricate story, etc. And they bash "casual games" (games that are accessible to people who aren't already gamers) and "casual gamers". Notice how New Super Mario Bros. Wii was dismissed by the hardcore? "Oh no, 2D Mario, how casual and crappy! Shame on you Nintendo!" And yet it sells like crazy.

Comment Re:Nintendo is destroying Sony? (Score -1, Troll) 273

We have no idea who "Sean Malstrom" is, and no credentials are given

True. Which is why you can't get away with attacking him. You need to look at his arguments.

His blog is hosted on

No, his site is hosted there. His blog is a WordPress blog. He addresses this in his blog.

Apparently his insight is that the 3DS represents an attack on a company which releases a competing product

There's a bit more to it than that.

"Birdmen and the Causal Fallacy" is the most obnoxious title for a gaming opinion article I've ever heard. I hate it when people name logical fallacies to try and back up their opinion

So you read the title, and that's it?

How do you "bash" an entire type of gaming? Who the hell cares?

You can read more about hardcore gaming on the site and on his blog. You don't have to care, but I find it to be very interesting. Apparently people at Nintendo are reading his blog, because Nintendo's strategy seems to go in the direction Malstrom points :)

Just responding because your post is remarkably offputting if the intention was to refer us to this site.

If you don't like what he has to offer, feel free to go somewhere else.

Comment Why the 3DS is relevant here (Score 0, Redundant) 273

My comment might seem slightly off-topic, and I notice I wasn't very clear about why the 3DS is relevant.

Here's one post where Malstrom describes Nintendo as beating the crap out of Sony, which is sort of amusing, but this post explains how Nintendo is directly targeting Sony with the 3DS. According to Malstrom, Nintendo is basically doing whatever it can to destroy Sony. Completely.

Comment Re:The 3D effect is disappointing. (Score 0, Redundant) 240

What I disagree with is that the 3DS is a contradiction. The 3DS can be a one-peson experience, and it can be a multi-person experience. Also, the XL has bigger screens, which means that it could be intended for several possible viewers, whereas the 3DS has a different purpose. Different purpose != contradiction.

Comment Nintendo is destroying Sony? (Score 1, Interesting) 273

According to Sean Malstrom, Nintendo is basically destroying Sony's gaming division. That is, they are actively trying to destroy Sony. And they seem to be succeeding in many ways. The 3DS is, according to Malstrom, nothing but a direct frontal attack on Sony, with the ultimate purpose being Sony gaming's demise.

If you don't know who Malstrom is, read his site, particularly the article called Birdmen and the Casual Fallacy, where he basically bashes hardcore gaming and... well, see for yourself.

His blog has opened my eyes. More people should read his stuff. He might not be right about everything, but it's a refreshing change from the crappy hardcore industry press and idiot "analysts" who pull stuff out of their behinds.

Comment Re:The 3D effect is disappointing. (Score 0, Redundant) 240

You don't get how such stereoscopy works for bystanders - onlookers will already get 2D image usually (seeing only image meant for one eye), no need to play with any sliders, on which you base your...what, exactly?

Did you even read the announcment? Every single story on the 3DS mentions the slider that increases or decreases the 3D effect (including turning it off).

But that's not the issue; suddenly two DS experiences are becoming less reconcillable with each other a very short time after touting the first announced one (and when games will actually use 3D effect for inherent mechanics of gameplay...); which while itself not a big deal of course (different kinds of gameplay for different games, et al; in many games not that big of a difference between "2D" and "3D"), is somewhat at odds with what you said in so very definitve terms / makes it not such strong of a point, that's all.

They said nothing that's at odds with anything. Again, the 3D can be disabled.

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