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Comment Focus on the Drama, not the important cables. (Score 5, Insightful) 288

The news media continues to focus on the drama surrounding Wikileaks and Anonymous instead of focusing on the cables.

How many US new organizations reported on the Cable from Tegucigalpa detailing that the Honduras Coup was illegitimate? This was a big news story, and an important situation in Honduras that has immediate impact on understanding the Obama administration.

It also shows that the Obama administration lied, and helped support the coup government by their actions.

So.. who is covering it? And compare that to another article on the drama surrounding it.

And that's just one cable. How many more will come out of great importance that everyone will ignore to instead focus on what Assange is doing.

It's not Assange or Anons fault, it's the News doing it. But this is their out.

This allows them to totally ignore the importance of the cables. And keep repeating that "nothing significant" is coming out.

Comment Re:Obama fails again... (Score 1) 570

First, kudos. Nice thread jack.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed isn't an enemy of war. War is government to government conflict. Al Qaida is not a government.

Obama is talking like a prosecutor (which makes sense). He will still be presumed Innocent until proven guilty in the courts.

Blowing up Afghanistan was over a simple issue.

Bush said, Hand over Bin Laden or the US will bomb you.

The Taliban said, Provide evidence, and we'll hand over Bin Laden

Bush said, We don't have to provide evidence, we will bomb if you if don't comply.

So we actually bombed Afghanistan because Afghanistan refused to turn over a criminal within our country without evidence. It had nothing to do with innocence or guilt.

Comment Re:And This Is the Government of a Country (Score 1) 433

It may well have been an opinion poll (I've read that Zelaya changed what he was calling it just days before it was to happen as Congress started to seriously protest that it was illegal), but it was about a referendum to change the constitution.

It was an opinion poll asking about if they would want a referendum to change the constitution.

Based on the translation of phantomfive above, Zelaya immediately lost the right to the presidency when he merely proposed the possibility of reforming that part of the Constitution.

I haven't read phantomfive's translation, but I have read the constitution. He did not lose any right to presidency.

Aside from that, how is it a military coup if members of the civilian leadership took control

A segment of civilian leadership aligned with the military leaders to commit the coup. It was a military coup.

200 Honduran soldiers arrived at President Manuel "Mel" Zelaya's residence, reportedly fired four shots, and detained the President.

That's a military coup.

The crisis in Honduras began when the military refused to distribute ballot boxes for the opinion poll in a new Constitution. President Zelaya fired the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Romeo Orlando Vasquez Velasquez, who refused to step down. The heads of all branches of the Honduran armed forces quit in solidarity with Vasquez. Vasquez, however, refused to step down, bolstered by support in Congress and a Supreme Court ruling that reinstated him. Vasquez remains in control of the armed forces.

Vasquez, along with other military leaders, graduated from the United States' infamous School of the Americas (SOA). According to a School of the Americas Watch database compiled from information obtained from the US government, Vasquez studied in the SOA at least twice: once in 1976 and again in 1984.

The head of the Air Force, Gen. Luis Javier Prince Suazo, studied in the School of the Americas in 1996. The Air Force has been a central protagonist in the Honduran crisis. When the military refused to distribute the ballot boxes for the opinion poll, the ballot boxes were stored on an Air Force base until citizens accompanied by Zelaya rescued them. Zelaya reports that after soldiers kidnapped him, they took him to an Air Force base, where he was put on a plane and sent to Costa Rica.

Comment Re:And This Is the Government of a Country (Score 2, Informative) 433

It wasn't a referenda. It was an opinion poll.

Also, if you want to discuss breaking the constitution, the coup leaders have broken the constitution several times since the coup.

No freedom of speech. Killing protesters. Beating people against the coup.

It is really sick to hear an opinion poll being used to justify a military coup. Completely disgusting.

Comment Re:And This Is the Government of a Country (Score 1) 433

It hasn't crossed the line from possible to actual.

The coup government has been committing human rights violations, and has broken the constitution to takeover the government. It has been killing supporters of the previous government.

And they have found evidence that there was rigging involved!?

The poll there are discussing to change the constitution was a non-binding poll. So we are discussing an opinion poll being rigged. The Coup leaders say an opinion poll was rigged, to justify their coup after it happened.

Complete bullshit. This is propaganda.

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