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Comment Working conditions (Score 1) 77

the damage is not as severe as it seems as the smoke created was because the fire was concentrated in the air purification facilities that are linked to the rooftop of the fab

Heck, filling the building with smoke might even *improve* the quality of the air for the workers in those facilities!

Comment Yuk! Last time I RTFA (Score 1) 83

"Wait. Other Linux developers don't eat their own dogfood?" That's right.

Hubris much?

You do realise that a large percentage of open source projects are started with the intention of filling a need that is currently not satisified by other software? (Novel concept, I know!). And therefore, there is an imperative to "dogfood" as soon as possible.

Granted, those open source projects weren't led by an asshole dictator with a commercial imperative. And hey, I've been unfortunate enough to try Unity. Given that precedent for "usability", dog-fooding in this case may well be a painful process

Comment Re:Oh for Christ's sake (Score 1) 232

It isn't a scheme at all - until it collapses. Then, and only then, can we know what type of scheme it was. Until that day, it could be a ponzi scheme. It could be all kind of things!

The structure you describe (pump-and-dump) beautifully encapsulates the behavior of the feeder funds who delivered Madoff a large portion of his billions. But we don't remember that as a pump-and-dump now.

And: bitcoin was created by a well known and reputable entity (cough), with security methodologies ensuring value that are thoroughly understood by it's investors (cough) and are traded on open, transparent exchanges (cough). Why, the chances of that being a ponzi scheme would be like that of a stock certificate sold by the chairman of the Nasdaq himself being fraudulent!

Comment Re:Could someone with privacy concerns please resp (Score 1) 205

Because the mark of the beast is now available not just on your right hand, but also on your forehead!

And so, it becomes clearer why the Google Chrome logo has the "666" hidden in it - so you can have not only the name of the beast on your chosen device... but also.. the number of his name!

Kind of a shame really, cause I was totally sure that Steve Jobs was the Anti-Christ. Eric Schmidt is a bit of a let down.

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