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Comment OS2 memories (Score 1) 211

I remember getting a free copy of OS2 3.0 blue box when I worked at IBM. After a few tries, I got it working pretty good on a 386dx-40. Boot manager was great for setting up a method for booting multiple operating systems. I later moved to Warp connect and then WSEB which I downloaded from who knows where... There was a few aggravating issues. One was the single input que issue. One program could cause the WPS to not respond even though the system would continue to function. Pressing control+escape a few hundred times might recover the system for you if you were lucky. A program called WATCHCAT was a lifesaver here. Also, if you made any network changes after the initial install, the config utility would not update the configuration files right and you'd get CONFIG.SYS errors. You had to manually edit the networking config files to resolve the issue. I think this was finally fixed in WSEB. Sometimes the WPS would act funny because of ini file corruption. There were 3rd party utilities for this too. OS/2 ran great on the IBM PS/2 models. Just choose the defaults and wait for install to finish. I never had a driver issue myself. Just use a soundblaster or crystal audio sound cards and 3com NICs, and you had drivers. I loved newsreader/2 as it made reading threads so easy. That and browsing web with netscape 2.0 When setup right, it was bulletproof. Lots of settings to tweak and play with. Still miss the WPS.

Comment Mine is a suggestion... (Score 1) 458

I run mine wide open, and initially had a generic name for my WAP until I noticed some neighbor continuing to connect with a phone or something like that. I finally changed it to getoffmyfuckinwificonnection Havent had any problems with rogue connections since. Whilst scanning for WAPs once, came across one named 'fbi suvaillance Van' I'm sure that'll scare people away!

Comment Find a computer nonprofit (Score 1) 260

Find a nonprofit org to donate to that will rebuild them and give them away to needy skoolkids. That's what I help out with on a weekly basis. The high-end machines are rebuilt and sold to help with costs of rebuilding the older models. People saying a 2006 era machine is useless obviously don't know what they are talking about. This nonprofit is still giving single-core computers away. They will take anything except CRTs and what cannot or will not be used is disassembled and sold to scrappers so nothing goes to waste. A PC does NOT have to be less than a year old to be useful!

Comment NC - Durham (Score 1) 821

Went to vote after work at an elementary school's replica of a one room skoolhouse. Line was short although the classroom was crowded. Only 3 people out front handing out leaflets of which I do not know what they were about. Signed in, cast my votes on the paper ballot, and then fed it into the machine. I was number 1026. Easy peasy.

Comment win95 memories (Score 2, Interesting) 461

I remember all the hype about win95. You could actually buy it on floppies if you didn't have a CD drive or if it was not recognized. I never had too much of a problem installing it, but just about every computer had specific config.sys and autoexec.bat files. I do remember it being rather fragile and could be made to crash pretty easily. I was typically reinstalling win95 about every 6 months as that proved the only way to get consistent good operation from it.

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