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Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 291

Let's presume the following... X is a coder. Let's presume the code business will/could(etc. just hypothesizing) have the same bubble dynamics like the real estate business in 2008. Suddenly, coder inflation. Now, a coder should get a useful skill, right? Problem is, he can't compete with a traditional engineer, or other technical profession (HR judges in respect to education, experience - and virtually no one hires overqualified people for menial jobs - that's fact, by the way) X is now in a position such he cannot make end's meat. Now, will X mug you in order to feed himself, or provide for his family and loved ones? Or turn to other crime? I know I would. Would you? Because if you say no, it's clear that you elude both common sense and basic logic, which makes YOU the luddite. AND/OR proves my statement that you live in a bubble.

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 2) 291

Piss off with that rhetoric. There simply aren't enough jobs for graduates as it is now. Intelligent people with firsts in physics, maths and engineering are apply for the same shitty jobs as those that struggled to get 3 low grade GCSEs. The population is exploding, the older people are not retiring, so where are all these fucking jobs then Mr Dail Mail reader? Fucking twat.

Don't bother. He's either living in a bubble and has no idea how the real world works (he'll get mugged by a few of those unemployed 15 million), or just ill-willed.

Submission + - SPAM: Does Nike Free Run Come With Sensor

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Comment oh boy! (Score 5, Interesting) 253

From my experience, the boneheads were almost exclusively in the HR agencies. And that's a light term for fucking-unbelievable-idiots. I have tons of incompetence-filled horror stories. Techies (anything from coders to any branch of engineering), IMHO, should only be recruited by their peers. Period.

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