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Comment Re:Question: sorry about line breaks (Score 1) 286

sorry, forgot about line breaks:
It strikes me that most of the people here don't realise that Jordan is a relatively modern westernized country when compared to, say, Georgia or Kazakhstan, and doesn't have anything like the civil disobedience problems of Iraq or Afghanistan. Look it up on the CIA World Factbook .

Although I'm sure Isam will comment on this, it seems unlikely that the state of Technological and Economic infrastructure is anything like as bad as some people would like to make out. Again - according to the CIA factbook: microwave radio relay transmission and coaxial and fiber-optic cable are employed on trunk lines; considerable use of mobile cellular systems; Internet service is available

Anyway, on to my Question: As a student in the UK studying computer Science I try to keep abreast of what other people are learning atound the world. What is the state of CompSci (as we like to call it) education in Jordan - is it freely available for everyone to a high (ie. equivelant to a good European/US university) level?

Come to think of it, in a more general sense: how does the Jordanian University System compare to universities in Europe and the States?

Finally, I would be interested to know: Did you study in Jordan, or abroad?

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