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Comment Re:What does IT run on .. (Score 1) 516

On the positive side, some of the state-run Obamacare websites are really nice. Granted they have dramatically lower loads on them, but regardless it feels as easy as shopping on Amazon. I'm not sure why the news journalists aren't talking about them, or interviewing people who used those site successfully.

Comment Re: As usual for the media (Score 1) 283

If memory serves, they passed a law giving Bill Clinton a "line-item veto". This meant he could veto portions of laws and let the rest be passed. However the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional because it essentially gave the president too much power (with some validity in my opinion).

Comment Re:The Shutdown is a lie (Score 1) 87

I don't know - I like that there are people inspecting meat for consumption, guarding our borders, designing missions for space travel, researching cures for diseases, enforcing federal laws, coordinating satellite communication and orbits, collect and distribute taxes/refunds, coordinating infrastructure development, social security and medicare, etc. etc. etc.

There's a million things the federal government does that are useful. Yeah, there's some waste in there - but to randomly attack with "two-thirds of the federal govenrment serves no good purpose" is just hyperbole. It only feels that way because the majority of the government is actually still up and running today. I almost wish a real shutdown would happen so people like you would realize how many functions the government really does serve.

Comment Re:everything in/is moderation (Score 3, Insightful) 281

The common man may indeed have a scientifically useful thought to contribute to scientists. However the venue for expressing that thought to scientists is not the forum of a magazine's website. Scientific colloquiums are open to the public and always have QA sessions. Journal articles always have email addresses of the authors. There are many ways to contribute and communicate to/with science, but a comment section is not one of them - no matter how well moderated.

Comment Re:The Manifold Hinderings of Mind (Score 4, Insightful) 97

Thank you for pointing this out. People astound me with how ignorant they are of NASA contracts. Private industry has been involved in every NASA project, including the bloated ones that break the budget (LEM, JWST, etc.).

Slashdotters love to drool over SpaceX successes, but just ignore all of Lockheed Martin's bloated contracts. The big step isn't private versus public, it's smart versus dumb.

Comment Re:The 44.7% efficiency requires 297 suns (Score 3, Insightful) 165

It's not really efficiency that determines the profitability of solar cells. It's the ratio of Efficiency / $. These might be the most efficient ever produced, but they're likely substantially more expensive than the 15% variety (i.e. 3x more efficiency at 10x the cost).

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