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Comment Re:Symptomatic of what's wrong with American polit (Score 1) 404

i agree with you for the most part.

do you think it would be good if we identified issues like the one in this post, and have "mock trials" to identify in advance what the societal position should be? to identify them we could have some kind of crowd commenting and voting system. we would have to pay for all this somehow, maybe with some tax payer funded process. maybe lower costs by using university students that are enrolled in top "phd in law" programs.

either way, i think it is hard to justify paying for things in advance with tax payer money because nobody wants to risk failure and the damage to their careers.

Comment Re:All This Proves Is ... (Score 2, Interesting) 113

"This is very good news for FreeBSD and BSD in general. Go somewhere and do something to help your pet causes." the poster is pointing out that if this is considered newsworthy in the sense that it is surprising and it should make people happy, we are in a sad state. we should really be complaining that freebsd had to suffer on the path to meeting it's goals, and it took an uprising of good hearted doners to compensate for neglect. this is why the OP is upset, and that comes across. so to talk to you in your own language: you're not being helpful. this is very bad news for consumers and humanity in general. go somewhere and do something intelligent. if youwan't to live in your happy world with happy people go look at some lolcats.

Comment Re:c++ (Score 0) 113

how much does it cost to hold family members of the developers hostage? C++ for the most part is a toy language. it lacks orthogonality and for a mature language it is more of a mess than any pother language that i can think of that is widely used. just look at iostream, disgusting! programmers too stupid for regex's should stick to simple things like chewing gum while walking after tying their own shoe laces. /rant

Comment This article is misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 113

this article is misleading and upside down.

if an entity has the following charactoristics:
1- good product (quality)
2- product is appreciated (demand)
3- costs are reasonable (feasibility)
4- has a consumer base with spending power (viability)

then it will NECESSARILY meet it's goals. this is basic economics of supply and demand. didn't we all learn this in highschool?

let me fix this article:

"corporations with crap products who raise money with psychological tactics are increasingly finding it difficult to get funding because of the internet."

i would also add: "projects such as netbsd and openbsd that add enormous value to the lives of every human being are underappreciated because the consumer is ignorant of them, and so they fall short of funding goals some times, and it befalls us as responsible technologists to make sure that they continue to protect our interests with the same selfless, joyful, gracious generosity that we have been able to enjoy for so long without giving much in return"

typing this message just left a bad taste in my mouth. to realize that somehow everyone doesn't get this stuff is sad.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Rupert Murdoch, General Petraeus, US Presidency Scandal ( 1

nosubmit writes: Rupert Murdoch (FOX, Newscorp) finds himself in trouble again, and this time it is pretty big news. This time it involves General Patreaus, a tape recording, a serious lack of journalistic integrity, and what seems to be a media coverup. The guardian is running a story titled "Why the US media ignored Murdoch's brazen bid to hijack the presidency". from TFA:

"The tape of Petraeus and McFarland's conversation is an amazing document, a testament to the willingness of Murdoch and the wily genius he hired to create Fox News to run roughshod over the American civic and political landscape without regard to even the traditional niceties or pretenses of journalistic independence and honesty. Like the revelations of the hacking scandal, which established beyond any doubt Murdoch's ability to capture and corrupt the three essential elements of the British civic compact – the press, politicians and police – the Ailes/Petraeus tape makes clear that Murdoch's goals in America have always been just as ambitious, insidious and nefarious."

The article also talks about a media coverup and/or downplaying of the story:

"All this was revealed in a tape recording of Petraeus's meeting with McFarland obtained by Bob Woodward, whose account of their discussion, accompanied online by audio of the tape, was published in the Washington Post – distressingly, in its style section, and not on page one, where it belonged – and, under the style logo, online on December 3. "

Will this story be told properly? Many commenters speculate that perhaps few other media organization wants to take such steps against the most arguably powerful man in the media and a former US military general in one shot. Murdoch was involved in hackgate which came to light in 2011, and just last month his company was featured on slashdot for potentially facing corruption charges.

The Internet

Submission + - Internet Archive Needs Donations, has Matching Donor (

An anonymous reader writes: An anonymous donor is matching $3 for every $1 given (up to $450,000) until December 31. 1 petabyte has been paid for so far and the archive is looking at getting 3 more. "These massive servers are the backbone of the Archive, and critical to our continued growth. To all of you who’ve contributed to our fundraising drive, thanks from all of us here at the Internet Archive. "

Submission + - Producers Of Minecraft Documentary Offer The Film for Free On The Pirate Bay

An anonymous reader writes: 2 Player Productions, the producers of Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, on Saturday uploaded the documentary to The Pirate Bay. The news comes as a surprise move after an announcement earlier this week that the film is premiering today for free on Xbox Live to Gold subscribers. You can download it here.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How to convince TPTB to take vulnerability management seriously? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I work for an electric utility in the mid-west. We're primarily a Windows shop, our users have local admin rights, though we do have a fair share of Linux, UNIX, and lots of SCADA devices (though they're not on our main network thankfully).

We've got LOTS of vulnerabilities throughout our entire Company but Management is anaemic to wanting to get the problems fixed because they're afraid the cure will be worse than the disease.

It's just a matter of time before we're completely pwned. In fact we may already be and we just don't know it.

We scan for vulnerabilities periodically but every time we do the number of vulnerabilities increases.

Now management is thinking about having us do away (or cut back even further) on our scanning because in their eyes it's only making them look bad.

But here's the kicker — I don't have the authority to compel the business to fix the issues and have almost zero backing from my management for wanting to get the problems fixed.

I know that when (not if) something happens I'm probably going to be the one blamed for "not doing enough" yet I don't have the authority or capacity to do anything other than submit my TPS reports which get rubber stamped and filed away.

My question to the Slashdot community is this — How can I convince my management to see the value in vulnerability management and the need and necessity for fixing vulnerabilities that are discovered in a timely fashion?


P.S. I'm submitting this as an anonymous coward for obvious reasons.

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