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Comment Re:Too Many White Males (Score -1) 69

Fuck-off Bantu blo-jobbing race-traitor.  Go slut with yo ebonics-spewing Neolith broz. NIggers have contributed exactly ** Zero Content ** to  digital creations. Too many  affirmative action Demo-poodles got  non-tek  BigCo tek-jobs and a few more earned their way.  Good for them.  Yet if every world-wide nigger had died in 1938 not one bit of the post-WW2 electronics and QM revolution would have been changed.  Black lives really don't matter. So get on an ice-floe ... sail south ... 

Comment Current Linux desktops no better than RedHat-6 (Score -1) 291

A decade has run by without  significant  usability improvement in the Linux Desktop.  MY ol' RedHat-6 was self-installing, self-configuring, self-managing and self-updating. Hardare/sofware/midware  all got done.   Discovering their success RedHat  kicked-me-off RedHat ( all of us ) and returned my maintenance fee.  Canonical tripped over  evolution stability though I've used it ever since. Gnome-2 remains best-of-the-worst. For 10-yr byteboy coodrz  have  buttfuckd server-land and squints-ville while treating  usrland desktop as typhoid-Mary;  will noone address this  wasteland ?     

Comment No chance for meta-tek culture in Chicago (Score -1) 191

Chicago  houses too many low-IQ, high violence and corrupted culture  Niggers for any kind of **nice things** society. Such Bantu can never contribute ( no "long tail" to IQ distro ) and must always destroy value from envy, greed or pure stupidity.

Bantu do Bantu fine in red-in-tooth-and-claw savannah or jungle -- nature weeds out the useless and fierce  age-old tribal constraints slaughter the malevolent.  Perhaps a neo-Stalinst Semite ant-farm can protect the productive ...  generously viewed that's the USA progressive gamble and will fail, dragging down *paradise America* with it.  No white western republic in the Greek/Roman mould of individual ansatz can survive them.  Chicago's nothing special;  deal with it  fans and fannies. 

Comment passive girly-man future (Score -1) 282

Feckin-A faggot Wowsers tek-NO-future.

1) Six-speed manual ... all  real men do it that way.
2) Fuck Gaia , bytch Goddess of Ebola, rabies and ectopic pregnancy. Dirty sky means long life
3) I prefer killing Bambi with a spear, then shooting dad with a 270-cal.
4) My 10-gauge goose-gun sez your drone doesn't fly long or far.
5) How stupid are you? I'm too smart for artificial intelligence. See Godel for details.
6)-->10) etcetcetc

Protect the gene-pool Wowser ....  jump on an ice-floe ... drift away ...

Comment reeking post-modern sensitivity (Score -1) 465

Slam or sham, OPs drool reeks of nancy-boi post-modern sensitivity.  I, not a member or fan of TWITTER observe a media hard-point applying  well-established rules.

0) if ya can't take the slam, yo a  girly-man
1) if you can't rebut, best cop to the rut
2) if tut-tuts whither, then find ice-block and shiver
3) if snowflakes melt on yo' tender ass, go sit in a thorny patch
4) failing all, return to the feckin-A kitchen and bake me a pie

Comment Re:Life (Score -1) 250

You say ... life has both low and high probability. Conflicted feelings I'd say. But, you were right the 1st time. Levinthals Paradox scotches life anywhere/anytime/anyhow. That is, if  ( randomly )forming a single functional protein takes (O)  10^34 years, then what can you expect for a multi-systematic creature? BTW** the non-random counter-examples (frozen  quasi-states etc) are equivalent to saying  ... G*d done it.  Perhaps true, but not science at all.

So best science bet is that humans are the only "life" in all existence and always were/are/will-be.  Utter infinite aloneness.  Have a nice day. 

Comment Keep Christian freedom and butcher-off Muzzi-wogs (Score -1) 446

It's war baby , don't kid yo'self.  An historian observes neo-Stalin globalists want  western yeomanry to surrender Anglo-Saxon liberty, so $$$-sotted elites can import camel-fucking Muzzi-wogs  into Christian cultures. Biz-nazis hate  liberties competition for peons.  Fyuck you Brin and Zuck, Pelosi  and Jeffy and Obama.nation and Ryan and bytch-niggaz Holder/Lynch  ...  & don't forget their parasite EDEP/WS/statist/femi-nazi gestapo. Why would I support white western cultural suicide?  Instead  of sheeple behavior the historian advises  western slaughtering off the Muzzi-wogs, ... by the 10s-of-millions as needed ... and pushing  survivor fanatics back to the scorpion-infested black-stone  desert caves they crawled from. 

Comment Murder pimped by the DemoRat mafia (Score -1) 705

You think Richs' murder was pimped by the DemoSlut elite to protect their brain-damaged globalust POTUS-poodle Hill-babe?  Then you'd think right, but not for the first time. By accident or by acumen, the neo-Stalinist money-masters of sand.nigger Obama and kracker-mafia Clintons  see that their dangerous enemies don 't live too good.  That's you, baby if you are a western man or woman of republican values, jeolous of your liberty and hateful of  thought-crime tyrants.  That's 100-million of the classical  armed yeomanry in  a surprising creole blend.  Obamas gestapo cannot trade lives even-up --- his lawless pimps can be put-down.  How are we to respond to the **progressive** (read SLUT) murders and elitist power-grab? You need a postcard palsy?   

Comment Shoot a couple ... shoot a couple more (Score -1) 472

Such traitorous native-destroying shysters, an historian may observe would be well-served by Mythridates Principle ... he took-out 80,000 Roman interlopers from Parthia while destroying four (4) Latin armies. Same historian concludes  smirking sand.nigger  Obama.nation would no-doubt volunteer for service. But, fear not progressive shills ...  experts advise data-driven refinement requires far fewer than 80,000 progressives to serve a modern  pimps + mongrel sterilization. 

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