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Comment Re:Google has lowered itself to patent proxy wars (Score 2) 163

As a software developer, I say, so far, "Reasonably" and "microsoft" have never really made sense in the same sentence. Microsoft is dieing on his own poison. Microsoft may not have its own hardware manufacturer but has control over many. why does everything come installed with windows? I would say the ones creating their own OS are Microsoft. Windows is the different one. And it is a design choice. Prety much everything else si some form of unix derivative. That includes Apple OSX. I do not think It is "reasonable" to say that at any point microsoft is more open than google.

Comment Its not wrong, its stupid. (Score 1) 502

From the Article: "When the LED gets more than 100% electrically efficient, it starts to cool itself down, which is another way of saying that it's stealing energy (in the form of heat) from its environment and converting that heat into those over-unity photons." The article doesnt say what happens when the led finishes cooling down. is it still above 100% efficient?

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