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Comment Re:Macs (Score 1) 460

Awe... awe... AWE!

Your mac expert is certainly not one, and I am sorry for you. When I was managing hundreds of macs, I used radmind, and I could have easily scaled it to tens of thousands. (given appropriate funding)

'She refuses to use MS Entourage' She is actually correct there, but only because Entourage has this nasty habit on OSX of trashing its own database. *shakes fist*. We pushed people to mail because we did not have an exchange server, and we were sick of supporting it.

Radmind is definitely its own thing, and it would scare most people, as it asks a lot of the user. For small (up to 100-200 maybe) computers, apple remote desktop and a task server would work fairly well. It is a lot closer to SMS, and it is all graphical.

Apple's group policy like thing in open directory is rather good, but it doesn't do all the things that group policy does. It also does a lot of stuff that group policy cannot, so I really don't know if one could be called better.

Comment radmind (Score 4, Informative) 460

I used to run a network with hundreds of apples with radmind. We installed the initial images with NetRestore (multicast for the larger influxes), and upon reboot, the computers would download their radmind certificate from LDAP and install all of the software that it needed.

It takes more up front time to set up and configure radmind, but it works wonderfully for almost anything you want to do.

Comment Re:99% of replys from folks that never used AD and (Score 1) 904

AD and GP often make no sense in the *nix world, as their are often much, much easier ways to do things.

Just because people get comfortable with a stupid way of doing things doesn't mean that Linux should copy it. Group Policy seems to be the current holy grail of MS System Administration, which seems slightly ridiculous, as much of it is either solutions looking for problems, or problems that were solved on *nix 10 years prior. But, without any specific things being requested, or details of the setup, it's rather hard to suggest pertinent things. It's linux, there are 5 - 500 different ways of doing things, but you only need to learn 1. The good news is that the 1 way will actually do what you want.

*nix is not about having huge systems that do everything, it is about having small tools that talk to each other in intelligent ways, and can be easily strung together to get almost any job done. The sysadmin tools are mostly like that too.

Comment Radmind (Score 1) 1117

Partition it into two drives. Put the home directories on the second drive. Manage a build with radmind. Once a year, people come in and get the first partition wiped to get a new build. If you need more help, email me, jdobbie@gmail.com. (Yup, I've done stuff like this before)


Submission + - Old School Censorship: Piglet banned in Qatar

Anonymous Coward writes: "A blogger on Qatar Living posted a crazy story about how he found that Disney's Piglet had been meticulously censored out of a children's Winnie-the-Pooh enyclodpedia. State censors (from either Qatar or Saudi Arabia) had deliberately "censored" out each and every picture of Piglet from hundreds of pages in the book with a black marker.
In the Middle East pigs are seen as dirty animals and Muslims are forbidden to eat them but trying to get rid of cute little Piglet is just crazy! Full post with pictures from inside the book here : http://www.qatarliving.com/blog/camper/disneys-pig let-banned-in-middle-east"

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